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Friday 19 December, 2014 Edition #4533

Editorial: The crackdown

By Jason Moore

THE new crackdown, (yet another one!) launched for Magalluf depends on one and only thing;that  the new laws will be enforced by the police. The campaign launched in the Playa de Palma last summer was successful because scores of additional officers were sent into resort to ensure that the council’s new code of conduct was not being broken. And Magalluf needs to do the same. Some business owners have frequently told me that they would like to see more officers on patrol in Magalluf. Now, the local authorities have promised to send a new rapid reaction Guardia Civil unit to Magalluf but more officers are going to be needed. Banning the consumption of alcohol on the street is going to be difficult to enforce especially when you have thousands of people in Calle Punta Ballena. And the legislation needs to be clear. Can you drink alcohol on the beach? There is also a danger that the local authorities will be taking the fun out of Magalluf which could lead to a dip in bookings next summer. While, I have always said in this space that Magalluf needed to clean up its image I think that the local authorities should have got the business community on board before they introduced all the new legislation. Bringing Magalluf under control is not going to be an easy task. If the local authorities go too far then it will lead to a major drop in bookings and if they do nothing they risk a repeat of last summer. It is a fine line. 

Pet abandoned every three minutes


By Humphrey Carter

This week, Palma City Council in association with the animal welfare group Baldea launched its annual awareness campaign to remind people that pets are for life, not just for Christmas.

Palma.—And, yesterday, a report was published which provides further evidence as to why people need to be more  sensitive to the realities of  giving a pet away as a present.
Spain has the worst record for pet abandonment in Europe, with a domestic animal thrown out on the streets every three minutes, on average.
In total 150,000 pets are abandoned each year in Spain, according to animal rights group Observatorio de la Fundacion Affinity.
Unexpected litters account for a massive 19% of the country’s abandoned pets, while 15% of cases relate to families struggling with money.
Things get worse in the summer as families struggle to plan a trip away with their animal, and so leave them behind.

Little chance of a white Christmas in the Balearics this year

By Humphrey Carter

We may well have had the first snow fall of the Autumn a few weeks ago, but there are going to be no more snow flakes falling just yet.

Palma.—The Met. office forecast  mild and sunny weather for Christmas yesterday due to a powerful and large anticyclone which will hang over the country for the next week or even longer.
The anticyclone is coming off the Azores and, while in some areas may cause a lot of early morning fog, it will mean that the chances of a white Christmas in the Balearics are very slim.

Dry Christmas
What is more, the chance of rain between 21 and 26 December is extremely unlikely.
But, on 27 and 28 December a new Atlantic front will begin to sweep across the north of the county, pushing the anticyclone away and between 29 December and 11 January, the Atlantic front could bring some rain to the north west of the country.
The Met. offices’s Ana Casals also said yesterday that this winter, which officially begins just  after midnight on 22 December, is going to be much warmer than usual.

Palma wants to become a UNESCO world heritage site

Palma’s spectacular cathedral.

Palma.—Palma City Council yesterday unanimously voted in favour of putting the capital forward to be declared a UNESCO world heritage site.
Under the slogan “Palma, a cultural landscape by the se”, the Councillor for Culture and Sport, Fernando Gilet said that it would be an important recognition for the capital and a necessary one considering how the local authority wants to transform Palma and establish it as one of the most popular city breaks destinations in Europe.
Gilet explained that the firs step is to have Palma included on the list of Spanish destinations also vying for similar recognition, but, he added, that this is a “historic moment” for the city “and we are obviously pleased that all the councillors on both sides of the chamber are in favour of such a move”.

Escaped horse on motorway rampage


By Humphrey Carter

A runaway horse caused traffic chaos yesterday after escaping from Son Pardo hippodrome and galloping on to the Via Centura.

Palma.—Members of the Guardia Civil and the Local Police were involved in an operation to safely capture a runaway horse on the Via Centura yesterday morning. The horse escaped from Son Pardo hippodrome just before 11am during a trotting session with its trainer.
For reasons yet to be confirmed, the horse was suddenly spooked by something, knocked its trainer to the ground and  managed to slip out of its trotting harness.
It then proceed to gallop out of the hippodrome onto the Via Centura, moving from lane to lane and even on to the hard shoulder causing traffic chaos.
Eventually traffic drew to  halt and drivers began calling the emergency centre.

Work on laying world’s longest cables over


Palma.—Work finished yesterday on installing the second electrical cable between Ibiza and Majorca in Santa Ponsa.
Red Eléctrica de España began laying the first of the two submarine cables that will make up the electrical interconnection between the two island on 15 November. The Norwegian ship Skagerrak, has been  installing the  two undersea cables while will  make up the interconnection. Once installed, at a cost of 225 million euros, these will be the longest two cables  in the world.

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