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Wednesday 27 August, 2014 Edition #4434

Editorial: School is out

By Jason Moore

The start of the school term in local state schools looks set to be hit by industrial action as teachers go head-to-head with the Balearic Government again over their three language school curriculum.  Last year the start of the autumn team was severely affected by a month-long strike by teachers who claimed that they did not have the necessary resources to introduce the new teaching system in Catalan, Castilian and English. In the end the government and teachers agreed to disagree and the dispute was put on hold but it  has returned with a vengeance. Parents, who initially supported the teachers in the dispute last September, are now said to be opposed to yet more strike action. The Balearic Government, meanwhile, will not compromise and are pushing ahead with their school plans despite the outcry. What concerns me is that local pupils, who have already been on holiday for the best part of three months, are going to miss yet more school because of an industrial dispute. One side is going to have to back down in this long running row. I have always thought that a three language learn plan is an ambitious target especially if local teachers are not trained in English to the highest level. I would urge the government to introduce the new curriculum slowly starting from the bottom, in other words children at primary school level and then work up. Ofcourse it is vital that local pupils learn languages but it is also vital that they go to school and get an education.

Summer time in Majorca


Stacey Stanifoth sent us a wide angle view of Majorca. Either email us your summer snaps or post them on our Facebook page.



By Humphrey Carter

The British Jaguar Classic Cars Club and the British MG Classic Cars Club  will be visiting and touring Majorca for the first time ever next month.The two clubs, which for the moment will be bringing over 32 vehicles, are going to be based at the Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort Portals Nous.
The first group is the British Jaguar Classic Cars Club.
The vehicles actually arrive in Bilboa by ferry on 3 September and will  then cruise down to Barcelona, sail across to Palma and check in to what will be their headquarters until 14 September.
Included in the group of Jaguars are  models such as a Mark 2, E-type, Daimler Double 6,XKR, XK150, XK8, XK140, XJSc, XK8, XJS , XK8, XK150, Mark 2, SS100, XKR, XK, XJS, XK8 and XK120.
During the week, a host of special events have been organised.



By Humphrey Carter

We still might be in the midst of summer but with less than four months until Christmas, thoughts are starting to turn to booking winter flights.And, it would appear at this stage, that travelling back and forth between the UK and Palma this winter is going to be complicated again.
Winter flights connectuions have already been dealth a blow by Flybe’s  announcement that holidaymakers from the Westcountry will face a longer journey in search of the sun after next month, when Flybe scraps regular flights to Spain and Portugal.
The airline’s Summer Sun routes from Exeter will not be extended into the winter this year. And Flybe has admitted that from next year its remaining Exeter-based aircraft will no longer have the range to reach holiday spots in Spain and Portugal.
Flybe also operates out of Newquay Airport, where its direct flights are focused on domestic routes. The change means Westcountry travellers will be limited to charter flights from Exeter and Newquay.

Alarm over down turn in cruise sector


The opposition Socialist party on Palma City Council yesterday expressed its concern about the drop in the number of cruise ships visiting Palma between April and July of this year.
According to the Socialists, the number of cruise ships docking in Palma fell from 222 to 203 during that period, a decline of 9.3 percent.
And, subsequently, there was a fall in the number passengers. “What has caught our attention is that the year began with plenty of talk about an increase in cruise liners and passengers coming to Palma, and up until the middle of the year, that appeared to be the case.

“Closed for holidays” a common sight on the streets of Palma


Closed for holidays. That is the common sight for those walking the streets of Palma this month.
More than ever this year, shops and businesses have decided to close for either staff holidays or simply because of the fall in demand, leaving the Balearic capital, one of the main tourist destinations in the Mediterranean looking like a deserted city  at times.  Manela Campos from the PIMEM commerce association says “the situation is worrying”
“There are more shops closed this August than in previous years which affects the traditional trade.”
“The main reason is the reduction in costs. Over the last few years, the number of staff shop owners have at their disposal has been  reduced, to which many now prefer to close completely during August,” Campos said.

10 tons of waste collected daily from Punta Ballena


By Francisco Cortez

Cleaning some of the busiest streets of Calvia is no easy job. The 31 street cleaners assigned with the task to do so on a daily basis can testify to that.Every morning from Easter until the end of September street cleaners are working against the clock to leave the local streets ready after another night of rowdy parties on the streets of Magalluf, mainly in Punta Ballena, s’Olivera, La Avenida, Pere Vaquer, Cala Blanca and Martin Ros Garcia.
The trail of disorder and rubbish left behind by the thousands of youngsters who party in the area every night is a handful.
That’s when Calvia 2000, the local municipal street cleaning brigade comes into action. With the help of 13 vehicles, it’s their mission to clean up the mess between 6.30 am and 10 am so local tourists and residents, who wish to enjoy the best the area has to offer during the day, can do so without having to wade through rubbish.

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