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Wednesday 23 April, 2014 Edition #4325

Editorial: Foreign legion moves

By Jason Moore

IS the British and German love affair with Majorca in decline? I ask this question because according to the latest census the number of British residents in the islands has fallen from  23,808 people in 2012 to just 18,232 in 2014. The German expat population has decreased even further  from 36,758 in 2012 to just 23,511 in 2014.  Now, I know sometimes official figures in Spain  are not reliable but I do know for a fact that quite a sizeable number of British residents have left and returned to Britain or have moved to the mainland. The lack of jobs, the fall in value of sterling against the euro and the fact that the island is no longer cheap, have been blamed for the fall. Also, I have heard that some foreigners have  asked to be removed from the official census in an effort to escape paying tax. Whatever the reasons for the drop I suspect that once the green shoots of recovery start growing again the foreign population will rise again. Majorca is a fantastic place and we are lucky to live here but it does have its drawbacks. When my parents moved to the island it was a cheap place to live and in some ways it was a land of opportunity.  Tourism was just starting to prosper and the pound sterling was king. Fast forward to 40 years later and you find that the pound is weak against the euro and there are not many job opportunities.  The local government should look at their own official figures and admit that all is not well in paradise despite  all the official explanations.

Major fall in winter tourism to islands


Palma.—A shortage of winter flights led to a major slump in winter tourism to the Balearics this year despite claims by the government, both locally and in Madrid, that they were trying to reverse the fall in low-season visitors.
The Balearics received 416,000 visitors in the first quarter of this year, a fall of almost 25 percent.  Last month just 24,000 tourists came on holiday to the Balearics compared to the three million nationwide. The 24,000 tourists represented a drop of 30 percent.
The decline in winter tourism has been blamed on the lack of winter flights. For many years now British airlines  have slashed their winter programmes to Majorca. This year they were joined by the Germans who also reduced the number of  flights to the islands.

Foreign population continues to shrink in the Balearics

The foreign community in the Balearics continues to fall although, the islands have the largest non-Spanish population in the country.

Palma.—Almost one in five people living in the Balearics were born outside Spain, according to official figures released yesterday.
More than 18  percent of the population is foreign and the Balearics have the biggest foreign population (per capita) of any area in the country.  But the economic recession has meant that the islands have lost 22,000 foreign residents in the last 12 months. Record high unemployment has meant that there has been an exodus of non-Spaniards not only in the Balearics but across Spain.
The islands now have a total population of 1.1 million people. Across Spain more than 500,000 foreigners have left the country for a variety of reasons mostly related to the recession.
Interestingly enough the British population in Spain has nose-dived falling from 385,000 in 2013 to 297,000 in 2014. There are now 18,000  British residents in the Balearics according to official figures.

More help to fight poverty in the Balearics

Palma.—Half a million euros more. That is the amount the Balearic government will allocate to help fight poverty and social exclusion in the region, its president, Jose Ramon Bauza announced yesterday.
The new amount, now set at 2,5 million euros will be used to ensure all local citizens have their “most basic needs” covered. Opposition parties questioned the commitment of the current government towards the cause during a parliament session yesterday, but Bauza replied saying their support and attention to the cause cannot be denied.
“We ( current government Partido Popular) have, do and will continue to do everything within our reach to ensure the number of children living in poverty continues to decline.

Jose Bauza vows to settle education woes

President of the Balearic government Jose Ramon Bauza said yesterday he will do “everything in his power to ensure schools open next year as normal as possible” following this year’s constant disruptions.  

Major dance festival in historic buildings in Palma


Palma.—The Palma city council yesterday presented a major dance festival which will take place in the city starting tomorrow. The dance festival, which will last until 4 May, will take place in historic buildings, museums and patios. The council said that it was all part of their campaign to offer a whole series of activities for visiting tourists and residents.

A new world of flavours


Opens up with the sweet sour, intense essences of particular taste full oranges out of the Valley of Sóller, also known under the name "Valley of gold".  It is not entirely clear whether here the olive oil or the widely luminous Orange plantations are meant. It is clear that orange refresh and not just pure taste..  It is clear that orange refresh and not just pure taste.

Orange Balsamic Vinegar, finest wine vinegar flavored with essences of natural oranges, turns a glass of champagne a exotic aperitif. The intense aroma and a decent acidity gives the meat sauce while preserving the extravagant touch and a simple green salad is a feast for the senses.

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