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Friday 24 October, 2014 Edition #4485

Editorial: Europe in the spotlight

By Jason Moore

I was rather pleased to see in an opinion poll that a growing number of Britons now want to stay within the European Union despite the recent growth of the United Kingdom Independence Party. After months of Europe bashing by UKIP and some sections of the Conservative Party it was refreshing to see that Britons still value the European Union, despite all its faults. Over recent months the European Union has been blamed for everthing by UKIP who believe that if Britain leaves the EUall the country´s ills will come to an abrupt halt. Well this is certainly not the case. This opinion poll should also give the three mainstream parties greater scope to campaign to remain in the European Union. Labour, with almost 75 percent of their supporters saying that Britain´s place is in Europe, has been silent on the issue of Britain´s membership, despite Prime Minister David Cameron promising to call a referendum if he is re-elected. The one good thing about UKIP is that it has certainly placed Britain´s membership of the European Union in the spotlight. People are now talking about Europe again and it has opened a debate. I sincerely believe that a reformed European Union is the way forward for Britain. Pulling out is a risky business and despite UKIP’s assurances it will certainly be a step into the unknown. As the opinion poll suggests UKIPmay be helping to fly the flag for the European Union in Britain and their claims are counter-productive.

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Balearics poised to launch the annual ‘flu vaccine campaign

 The Ministry for Health yesterday unveiled its annual ‘flu vaccine campaign which will get underway in the Balearics next Tuesday, 28 October and continue until 5 December.
The slogan for this year’s campaign is “You win if you have the vaccine” and the injections will be administered  at local PAChealth centres.
The Minister for Health, Marti Sansaloni, accompanied by the Director General for Public Health, Antonia Galmes, said yesterday that this year, a total of 137,800 doses of the vaccine have been ordered.
Sansaloni said that its is not only important for personal reasons to have the vaccine, but to also protect people around you, especially those in working or family environments.

Mayor of Palma under fire over lack of street cleaning

The Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, yesterday came under fire from the opposition Socialist party on Palma Council for having rejected a proposal to launch an emergency street cleaning drive in some districts  of the municipality.
The debate over whether the municipal refuse and water company  EMAYAhas been working on a ‘go slow’ all summer has been raging for months and there are some districts of Palma which have been calling on the council to take urgent action and clean up the streets and carry out more regular refuse collections since the Spring.
The opposition Socialists on the council yesterday not only  urged the mayor to respond to the plea of the general public, but to also issue a pubic apology to those areas which have suffered from the cut backs and reductions in refuse collections.

British government backs British products in Majorca

Josep Maria Ramis, Regional Director of El Corte Inglés in the Balearics, the Consul General, Andrew Gwatkin, the Deputy British Ambassador to Spain, Daniel Pruce, leading British chef and restaurateur Marc Fosh and the editor of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Jason Moore at the Great British food stand.

Palma.—The Deputy Ambassador to Spain, Daniel Pruce, the Consul General, Andrew Gwatkin and the Vice-Consul to the Balearics, Gillian Brion, visited El Cortes Inglés on the Avenidas in Palma yesterday to help promote the “The GREAT British Festival” which the British government has launched with the department store across the country to highlight “why Britain is great”.
Until 9 November, the store will be stocking some of  the very best British products from all over the United Kingdom and the Regional Director of El Cortes Inglés in the Balearics, Josep Maria Ramis, was on hand to welcome the delegation from the British government and take them on a tour of the stand. The Manager of the Gourmet Club, Luis Molina, was also on hand to guide the visitors through the range of products which, according  to store management are proving a great success and selling very well.
The “Shopping is GREAT Britain” is taking place across the country at 35 El Corte  Inglés department stores but next Thursday, the Daily Bulletin in association with El Corte Inglés and the top British chef in Spain, Marc Fosh, will be hosting an evening of show cooking with Fosh using the very best of all the products available as part of the promotion to demonstrate exactly why British shopping is “GREAT”.


An emergency centre was set up at headquarters at Son San Joan air base.

By Humphrey Carter

The Spanish, French and Italian air forces, with support from local air sea rescue services, spent yesterday searching for the survivors of two aircraft which collided over the sea near Cabrera.

Palma.—The operation was all part of an international training exercise which is being carried out in Majorca this week.
The headquarters for Operation Cernia 2014 is the Son San Joan air base near the airport and the operation is being controlled by the command post for the SAR Spanish air sea rescue cue service in Palma.
Yesterday’s training exercise was to test and improve location, search and rescue capabilities in the event of an air accident over water.

Guardia Civil
Also involved in the operation were Guardia Civil helicopters,  the Red Cross and other emergency serviced on the ground which manned the emergency reception and holding centre for the injured  at Son San Joan air base.
The victims  were then distributed  to various hospitals in Palma for further treatment - again testing the capital’s ability to respond to a major incident.



Palma.—When it comes time for the last hurrah for brides- and grooms-to-be, hens prefer to let loose in Spanish party hotspots while men would rather go wild in European cities famous for strippers and prostitutes.
A poll of hens and stags has found that the top three destinations for women on their hen do are Marbella, Barcelona and Majorca.
The Spanish destinations are known party hotspots but are more renowned for boozing than the no-holds barred sexual thrills that men appear to be seeking.
According to the survey, men prefer to get up to no good in Prague, Riga and Amsterdam, three cities with well-known sex industries.
Prostitution is legal in Prague and a BBC Three documentary last year suggested that one in two men sleep with a prostitute during a stag do in the capital of the Czech Republic.
The second most popular spot for men is Riga, the Latvian capital that has a reputation for erotic massages and lap-dancing clubs.

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