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Saturday 4 July, 2015 Edition #4706

editorial: Best defence

By Jason Moore

Prime Minister David Cameron will be seeking permission from MPs to broaden the attack on Islamic State (IS)by attacking them in their strongholds in Syria.  At the moment British forces, following the parliamentary vote earlier this year, are only able to target IS in Iraq. But Cameron, following the attack in Tunisa, now wants British jets to join the air campaign in Syria as well. Now, I support the Prime Minister but he should think twice about cutting the defence budget yet again if he wants British forces to broaden their campaign. The Royal Air Force is desperately short of combat aircraft. The problem is so serious that the RAFcan only  muster a handful of combat aircraft. I have said this on many occasions in this space. I do not understand how the British government can ask British servicemen and women to go into battle when they are not equipped for the task. The Cameron administration has been especially brutal with the British armed services. The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force saw their numbers slashed and now the British army faces yet more cuts. Now Chancellor George Osborne will say that cuts need to be made to government spending to bring down the deficit. Which is fine, but don´t ask the Royal Air Force to do a task which they are not equipped to perform. Until the government spends more on defence then Britain should just take a back seat and allow others to do the job, because they have the equipment.

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Palma will spend 1.2 million more on senior officials

The new council administration in Palma will spend approximately 1.2 million euros more on salaries for senior officials during its four-year spell than the previous Partido Popular administration of Mateo Isern.
If all the posts that have been highlighted in the council’s new organisation structure are filled, then the cost of salaries will rise to 1,076,062 euros per annum, which will be 300,000 euros more.
And this cost does not include the two additional advisers to parties represented at the council, the consequence of there now being two more parties.
Margalida Duran, the spokesperson for the PP, has urged the coalition administration to allocate this additional cost to social services instead.
The 1.2 million euros could feed 700 children for a year or pay for families’ electricity, water and gas bills.
She has criticised the fact that there will be twice as many co-ordinators as was the case with the PP - ten rather than five - and that the number of director-generals is going up to fifteen from thirteen. “We have gone from investing in people to investing in senior officials,” she observed, noting that the number could yet increase.
 The PP, therefore, have voted against the proposed increases, while Cuidadanos have abstained; their spokesperson, Josep Lluís Bauzá, does  though say that the party is against the increase in the number of officials.
Neus Truyol, for the administration, has justified the increase in order to implement and energise projects that were stopped during the PP’s time.
“Investment in senior officials is for transforming the city.”
Half the cost will be offset by savings, such as there no longer being subsistence payments made to members of the boards of directors of the city’s public companies.

Manacor families complain of too many immigrant children in schools

Twenty-one families in Manacor are refusing to allow their children to start the new school year at the Sa Torre primary school because of the high number of immigrant children in the infants’ centre. These families failed to place their children in any of the three schools that they could have when registering in May and so have been assigned this particular school. The parents insist that there is no racism on their behalf, just that they do not agree with their children going to a school which is “full of immigrants”. All they want, they say, is that the school should be like others.
They claim that there has been a lack of information regarding their children being assigned to this school and criticise the fact that the town hall has given them no solution. They point to a meeting held with the councillor for education, Sebastià Llodrà, and accuse him of showing “not the slightest sensitivity” and saying that it was a matter for the regional ministry of education. The parents intend demanding a further meeting, this time with the mayor, Miquel Oliver, even though powers with regard to this matter lie with the government.
For some ten years, two schools - Sa Torre and Simó Ballester - have had around 90% immigrant children. In order to avoid such concentration and “ghettoisation” as well as to promote greater integration, the educational community in Manacor has developed a plan with the education ministry. Among other measures, it has been agreed to have an equitable distribution of immigrant children in all of the municipalities’ schools. This plan should apply to three-year-olds who will begin their schooling at infant level in September and has been guided by experience in Sa Pobla aimed at improving social cohesion and preventing a form of segregation in schools as well as a stigmatisation of certain schools, such as Sa Torre.

Majorca has the best beaches

“Investment in senior officials is for transforming the city, ” said Neus Truyol.

According to hotel price comparison website Trivago, Playa de Muro, Es Carbó in Ses Salines and Cala Millor are the three best beaches in Majorca. The quality of the beach and the hotel offer were the factors taken into account in an online survey of the website’s users which considered seventy Spanish beaches. Playa de Muro was second overall, while Es Carbó was fourth and Cala Millor seventh. Hondarriba in the Basque Country is considered to be the best beach in the country, and another region of Spain to have three beaches in the top ten is Galicia, where Ribadeo, Sanxenxo and Portonovo are highly regarded.

Celebrate 4 July at the Boat House


This afternoon, the Boat House, in front of the Auditorium in Palma, will be throwing a “Red, White & Blues” party to celebrate American Independence Day.
The  fun, all American family gathering  gets under way at 4p.m and the special guest is going to be Tummi Bestard, the  longest serving United States Consular Agent to the Balearics who has met no less than ten U.S. Presidents and has been a guest at the White House on numerous occasions. The  American Car Club Mallorca will also be joining in the fun. There will be  fun and more with a great collection of US cars due to arrive.

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