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Wednesday 22 October, 2014 Edition #4483

Editorial: Boris of Palma

By Jason Moore

MATEO Isern, the Mayor of Palma, is like the Boris Johnson of Majorca, while his Partido Popular remain unpopular, he has managed to distance himself from much of the criticism. Also, like Johnson who is always been tipped as a possible Prime Minister, Isern has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the job of Balearic President. But Isern´s political career came to an abrupt halt yesterday when it was announced that he would not be standing as a candidate for the job of Mayor of Palma at the next local elections. But Isern is not going, he has been forced out by internal feuding within his own party. It is a great shame because the Partido Popular, who have been dubbed the Nasty Party like their Conservative counterparts in Britain, have probably lost one of their finest candidates. Although opinion polls suggest that the Partido Popular would lose their majority on the city council I suspect that if anyone can deliver Palma for the Partido Popular, it would be Isern.  A new candidate to replace Isern has already been mentioned but ofcourse nothing has been confirmed. Losing Isern and ofcourse Manu Onieva, who is not standing for the Partido Popular in Calvia, are major blows. But politics is a funny old game. Why would President Jose Ramon Bauza allow one of his more likeable Mayor to disappear into the wilderness (for now)? An interesting question but the Partido Popular is in turmoil at the moment. And it shows.

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December D-Day for oil prospecting


By Humphrey Carter

The Balearic Minister for the Environment, Biel Company, said yesterday that central  government’s oil prospecting impact study will be published on 3 December.

Palma.—Company, who said that he is hoping that the results prove negative, yesterday  reminded the Secretary of State for the Environment, Federico Ramos de Armas, that “politically and socially, the Balearics is deeply opposed to oil and gas prospecting in Mediterranean waters”.
The former Socialist government granted permits to  the British company Cairn Energy to prospect for gas and oil in Balearics waters, but the Balearic government, along with tens of thousands of local residents,  international environmental activists and tourism federations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,  want the present government to revoke the permits.
However, as they were granted under royal decree, central government could be hit with a large compensation bill if it cancels the prospecting permits.

Confidence returning to the business sector as number of new companies grows

Palma.—Confidence in the business sector appears to have recovered this year.
The latest study of Business Demographics has revealed that, during the first nine months of this year, the number of new businesses starting up in the Balearics, was seven percent higher than during the same period last year.
In total, 2,286 new businesses opened their doors between January and September across the Balearics.
During last month alone, the number of new business opening was 54 percent up on September of last year and, according to the results of the survey, the majority of the new businesses are in either the construction sector or the service industry.

One in three travellers busts budgets on holiday


Palma.—One third (34%) of British holidaymakers are going over budget early into their holiday, a new survey reveals.
While 82% of people set a budget, three quarters of them went beyond that some time during their holiday.
More than one in five (21%) admitted to going over budget by up to £299.
When asked how they would continue to spend on holiday, more than a quarter (26%) said they would call home to ask for money to be transferred into their account.
One in five  take between £200 and £299 as spending money for a typical seven-night holiday, according to the study by pre-paid payments firm Kalixa and Teletext Holidays.

President announces tax cuts will benefit the public

President Bauza in Parliament yesterday.

By Humphrey Carter

The President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza, yesterday announced wide ranging tax cuts but the opposition accused him of pure electioneering.

Palma.—Bauza used what is expected to be the final state of the Balearics debate before next May’s local elections, to unveil his government’s plans for fiscal reforms starting next year.
The President claimed that the combination of regional and state fiscal reforms will increase the money the local population has in its pockets by 250 million euros over the next eight years, however, the latest opinion polls, suggests that the Partido Popular are going to have a fight on their hands next year should they wish to remain in power.
And both the opposition Socialist party and MES accused the President of “pure electioneering”.
He was also attacked for failing to mention and address the educational conflict caused by the government’s trilingual TIL curriculum which has been temporarily suspended pending a final ruling by the Supreme Court in Madrid.

Mayor of Palma confirms he will not be standing again


Palma.—The Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, ended weeks of speculation yesterday when he finally confirmed that he will not be seeking reelection next May.
Isern said that his decision is based on the fact that he can not count on the “unanimous support of the party”  but,  his true motives are throught to go much deeper than that.
When the Partido Popular won  the last  local elections, Isern and the President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza, were very close political allies and friends, however, it appears that the relationship has deteriorated between the two, to the point where Bauza announced a few months ago that he wanted an  alternative candidate for Palma.
The reasons for the personal split remain unknown, but what is now confirmed, is that Isern will be standing down as mayor.
Apparently, Isern told Bauza and the President of the Balearic branch of the PP, Jose Maria Rodriguez of his decision during a meeting a   few weeks ago, but wanted to talk to party officials in Madrid before making his announcement.
Initially he was prepared to leave it to Madrid to make the decision, but, according to Isern, he clearly does not have the support of the local party and therefore  said he has decided to put the party first.

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