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Saturday 1 November, 2014 Edition #4492

Editorial: Northern meltdown

By Jason Moore

IT was often said during the referendum campaign that if Scotland votes “Yes” to independence it would be a disaster for the Labour Party. Well, as we all know Scotland voted No but it is still a disaster for Labour, north of the border. A new opinion poll suggests that Labour will go into meltdown in Scotland at the next general election retaining just four of their 40 seats. The Scottish National Party will be the clear overall winners, according to the poll, giving them a clear mandate to govern Scotland and even as SNP leader Alex Salmond threatens to  declare independence. Scotland is Labour territory, or was, and the only person who can save them is former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. And the writing is on the wall for Labour leader Ed Miliband who was unable to campaign even in Edinburgh during the referendum campaign. So what should Labour do? Well my answer is to ditch Miliband, find a new leader who can connect with the British public and also appoint Gordon Brown as leader of the Scottish Labour Party. There is plenty at stake. If the poll is to be believed then Labour has little chance of winning the general election next year and could even give the SNP greater firepower in their battle for independence. This is a battle Labour can´t shy away from. The Conservatives may lose a few seats at the expense of the United Kingdom Independence Party but Labour could suffer a massive defeat in what was safe territory. Time for change and fast.

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By Humphrey Carter

Nearly eight million euros is currently being invested in improving the facilities in nine Balearic marinas in order to cope with rising demand.

Palma.—The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Jaime Martinez, has said that Ports IB, the Balearic government body which controls the non state, Balearic Port Authority, ports, is in the process of investing 7.7 million euros over a period of two years in improving and expanding the services offered at nine of the region’s marinas.
Martinez explained that the body knows that the 24,000 moorings it manages in the Balearics, are  not enough to meet demand during the summer season and that the number of moorings has to be increased in order to enable the nautical industry to continue to flourish.
Ports IB has targeted nine marinas, Ciutadella in Minorca, Sant Antoni in Ibiza and Puerto Pollensa, Puerto d’Andratx, Colonia de Sant Jordi, Portocolom, Porto Cristo and

Late “mini-summer” set for snowy finale over the weekend


Palma.—After a period of unusually warm weather across much of the country, Spain is now set for cooler temperatures with a cold front bringing rain by the bucketful and even the first snows of the autumn.
For many parts of Spain, October has been warmer than usual, with people making the most of the sunny conditions to stretch out the summer as long as possible.
From today, however, cafés around the country could start bringing in their tables: three successive cold fronts are now forecast to sweep across the country bringing plenty of rain and even snow to mountain areas over 1,200 metres (3,900 feet).

Cold front to hit Balearics on Monday
The first front  hit Galicia yesterday bringing rain and colder temperatures to the northeast of the country today, the Met. office forecast
A second front is to deliver wet weather to much of Spain on Sunday and Monday with the most persistent downpours in Galicia, along the north coast, and in the Pyrenees.

Special operation for All Saints Day


By Humphrey Carter

Thousands of people began heading to cemeteries across the region yesterday to mark All Saints Day and to  honour and commemorate the dead.

Palma.—All Saints Day is officially today, 1 November, but some people, in a bid to avoid the rush, visited the cemeteries yesterday while others will wait until Sunday.
The small business association PIMEM’s Association of Florists and Gardeners reported this week that this year, an average of 18 euros per person is expected to be spent on flowers.
Association President, Manela Campos, said that they are expecting sales to be the same as last year with people spending between 12 and 35 euros. Their busiest day is going to be today and apart from opening much earlier than usual, the florists are going to be open constantly throughout the day, today and tomorrow.

Forger arrested for providing fake prescriptions

Palma.—The National Police have arrested a 53-year-old man accused of forging counterfeit medical prescriptions in Manacor.
The prescriptions  were being used by third parties in Madrid who would collect the drugs, most of them being treatments for anxiety and stress which are now closely controlled by the health authorities, and then sell them on to their clients which is how they made a profit.
The National Police explained that the scam came to their attention after large quantities of similar pills were being obtained  with the same fake prescriptions.
The doctor who noted the surge in demand for the pills, contacted the police in Madrid.
An investigation was opened and the police managed to confirm that the person distributing the prescriptions was using an alias and  identical prescription slips which all shared the same registration number to a medical college in Madrid.

British artists to promote Balearics

By Humphrey Carter

Culture and gastronomy is what the Balearic government hopes to promote in London next week.

Palma.—But, the Balearic delegation is going to be walking into a minefield of questions from the media and the tour operators about Magalluf and it is understood that on Monday evening, high level talks between the British and Spanish governments and the tour operators are going to be held to discuss  the problems which dogged Magalluf this summer and how to prevent them from happening again.
In the meantime, the Balearics have secured the services of leading British artists Gilbert & George to help promote the region as one rich in culture, especially art.
The pair have exhibits in the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Moma in New York and the Tate Modern in London and last year, held an exhibition at the Casal Solleric in Palma.
It appears that their professional and personal relationship with the Balearics goes back many years and that is what they are going to be talking to the British media about.

Hoteliers claim they are going to open earlier next season

Palma.—According to the result of a survey carried out by the Majorcan Hotel Federation, the majority of hotels were open for seven months this year with 80 percent of the hotel sector open for business since the end of March.
And, looking ahead to next year, according to the federation, five percent more hotels intend to open earlier than usual, at the end of March, than this year, despite Easter not falling until April. The “opening and closing” survey carried out by the federation also revealed that 284,956 beds were available for seven months of this year and that the season is gradually getting longer. The federation pointed out that during last month, October, nearly 50 percent of the island’s hotels were still open. Playa de Palma is where the most hotels remained open followed by Cala D’Or and Cala Millor.
This month, November,  will see just 12.4 percent of the island’s hotels staying open with the vast majority being in Palma and along the Playa de Palma.
All of the hotels in Calas de Mallorca, Colonia de Sant Jordi, Porto Colom, Playa de Muro, Can Picafort and Camp de Mar will be closing for the winter.

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