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Thursday - Friday 17-18 April, 2014 Edition #4322

Editorial: Magalluf

By Jason Moore

THE Guardia Civil in the Balearics  have called for British police officers to be sent to some tourist resorts popular with British holidaymakers, in other-words Magalluf and San Antonio in Ibiza. The Calvia council are putting scores of additional police officers on the streets of Magalluf this summer and CCTVcameras are being installed at key points. The Guardia Civil have also been given greater resources for Magalluf for the summer season. The list goes on. I have heard that the British Army´s 16th Air Assault brigade has also been put on standby for operations in Punta Ballena if needed. Obviously, I am joking about the Paras  but it does appear that the local authorities are doing everything in their power to rid Magalluf of some of its ills.  How many police officers are needed in Magalluf? Well obviously hundreds and the hard pressed rate payer of Calvia is picking up the bill.  I have some sympathy for the Calvia council. They have limited powers and they are trying to do something about Magalluf with flood-lights on the beach, more police and security cameras. What is needed in Magalluf is a code of conduct. It is a party resort and no-one wants to take the fun out of Magalluf but everythinng should be within the realms of  the law. The police need to enforce the law and the business community and visiting tourists need to take note.  A crackdown is needed and I would urge the local authorities to try and sort out the prostitution problem.

Young tourist in fatal Magalluf fall


By Humphrey Carter

Calvia Council marked the start of its summer security plan on Tuesday night, only to have it tragically marred in the early hours of yesterday.

Palma.—A 23-year-old Norwegian, who has been identified as Martin Conlin Bjerko, died in the early hours after falling  nine metres into an interior patio at the Apolo Apartment block in Punta Ballena, Magalluf.
The Guardia Civil has opened a full investigation but it appears that the tourist had been drinking.
The accident happened just after 4am and, according to residents in the block, the individual had been running round the block screaming and shouting, waking people up.
Apparently, he claimed that he was not feeling very well after having been out on the town with his holiday companions and climbed up to the fourth  floor to “get some air”.

Spectacular unstepping of sailing yacht Asashi’s mast at STP in Palma


Palma.—Sailing yacht Asashi started her refit at STP with the spectacular unstepping of her mast.
This superyacht’s two aluminium masts, which bear a sail area of around 1.500m², are 58.8 m. (the main-mast) and 48.26 m. (the mizzen-mast) tall.
That is why special cranes had to be brought from the mainland to unstep them.
To be specific, the unstepping took two cranes of 350 and 200 tonnes respectively, in an operation that, as far as the height of the main-mast goes, was a “first” for Majorca.
Asashi is a sailing yacht of elegant and luxurious design which possesses a mixture of valuable, refined materials in her interior, including ebony, wenge, makassar and leather, that give her a natural, relaxing feel.
She can accommodate up to twelve p


The abandoned and boarded up Gesa building.

By Humphrey Carter

Palma City Council is now having to examine the consequences of yesterday’s high court ruling be they legal, planning or economical, Mayor Mateo Isern said.

Palma.—The  Gesa building was built in the late 1970s and features 15 floors packed into a 41 metre tall building mainly composed of glass on the outside.
In 2004 however, the building was sold by power giant  Endesa to the construction company, Núñez i Navarro from Catalonia.
 Their idea was to build 200 luxury flats on the grounds of the building and the acquisition included the commitment of  Endesa to demolish the building.
 However, in 2007 it was declared by the Council of Majorca a ‘listed building’ in a bid to help protect it from demolition.

Busy Easter for Palma’s Son San Joan airport

 Palma airport is braced to handle 468,000 passengers between yesterday  and next Monday, 21 April as the second phase of  operation Easter  gets under way  with double-digit growth every day.
Over the Easter weekend, the busiest day is going to  be by  Saturday, with 97,000 passengers expected (+48.4 % on last Easter), followed by  Sunday, 20 April, with 84,000 passengers  ( +11.9 % on last year)  and then   Good Friday, with 82,000 passengers ( +36.3 %).

PP split over prospecting, Canary Island say yes

Palma.—The Partido Popular’s parliamentary spokesperson in the Canary Islands, where gas and oil prospecting is also scheduled to go ahead, yesterday criticised the Balearic parliament for its unanimous decision to do everything possible to ban future oil and gas prospecting.
Maria Australia Navarro described the Balearic decision as “totally absurd.”
“What is wrong with finding out whether Spain does  have quality  gas and oil deposits and if so, how large the deposits are?
“We are talking about new sources of income and an industry which could create tens of thousands of new jobs which are things that Spain is in desperate need of right now.

Palma passion items on sale


By Francisco Cortez

The Palma de Majorca 365 Tourism Foundation yesterday presented the new  “Passion for Palma” line of promotional products due to go on sale next week.

Palma.—From Tuesday onwards the city will have its own brand of souvenirs, similar to those already available  in top capitals around the world.
The line of promotional products   includes hats, bracelets, T-shirts, bags, cups, diaries  and notebooks, plastic piggy banks, bandanas, fridge magnets, usb drives and coloured pencils amongst others. There are  to 29 new items in total.
They will be on sale in El Corte Inglés, three shops in Palma’s old town and throughout the city’s tourist offices.

8,8 million euros to be invested in cycle safety

Safety campaign for cyclists is underway.

Palma.—The Council of Majorca is set to invest just short of nine million euros (8.8) in improving 12 roads on the islands to make them safer for both cyclists and other vehicles.
The plan, which includes installing proper lights in the Monnaber tunnel something many cyclists have requested over the years, has  also received the green light.
The Council’s investment was well received by the Cyclists’ Road Safety Commission, which includes representatives from the Cycling Federation, local DVLA, Guardia Civil, IB3 radio,  the Public Safety Institute and Balearic Tourism Authorities.

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A new world of flavours


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Orange Balsamic Vinegar, finest wine vinegar flavored with essences of natural oranges, turns a glass of champagne a exotic aperitif. The intense aroma and a decent acidity gives the meat sauce while preserving the extravagant touch and a simple green salad is a feast for the senses.

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