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Tuesday 21 April, 2015 Edition #4638

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Editorial: Politics

By Jason Moore

Firebrand former socialist leader, Alfonso Guerra, said over the weekend that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had more friends in prison than some of the most notorius criminals in the country. It was a cheap  shot but it will have registered with many people, especially as Mariano Rajoy has been fighting corruption allegations aimed at his party ever since he came to power. The latest scandal saw the arrest for a few hours of former Partido Popular Minister Rodrigo Rato, a former Spanish Minister for the Economy and Director General of the International Monetary Fund. Rato was arrested for alleged fraud, concealment of assets and money laundering. Yet again a member of the Partido Popular  (former)is facing fraud allegations. While Rajoy has said that he did not consider Spain to be a corrupt country I do not feel that his government hasn´t done enough to weed out alleged corruption at all levels. The corruption allegations have tarnished the image of the Partido Popular especially ahead of the local elections next months. If the Partido Popular loses a sizeable number of seats and votes Ithink you can safely say that it is thanks, in part, to the corruption scandals. Now, obviously the party has attempted to draw a line underneath these allegations but mud sticks. If Rajoy had ordered a root and branch drive against corruption I think he would have more support. But he has acted only when the scandal has broken and not before. 

“We are Palma” joins battle to stop bull fighting

Members of Som Palma protest outside the bull ring in Palma.

The island wide movement to ban bull fighting in Majorca is continuing to gather momentum and could become a political issue at the local elections.The Mallorca Sense Sang (Majorca without blood) made history over  the weekend when the number of people to have signed its petition to ban bull fighting in Majorca reached 100,000.
A special protest was held outside the bull ring in Palma yesterday to celebrate what the body claims is a historic milestone.
So far, 17 municipalities in Majorca have banned bull fighting but in Palma, the Partido Popular Council has refused to follow suit claiming that bull fighting is part of the country’s natural heritage.
However, the campaign has not only gathered more support from the world of culture, but political parties are now taking up the challenge and bull fighting could, become a political issues at the forthcoming local elections next month.
Yesterday, the party Som Palma (We are Palma) which is lead by Miguel Comas, became the latest political movement to throw its weight behind the campaign.
That now means that in Palma, there are three political patties in favour of the ban, Som Palma, MESand the PSOE socialist party. “Every day, the number of people who want a city free of animal abuse is growing,” said Guillermo Amengual, the coordinator of the anti bull fighting campaign.
The organisation’s next targets are Palma, Inca, Alcudia, Muro, Felanitx, Manacor, Ciutadella and Ibiza which still permit bull fights to be held in their municipalities. “Let’s see if over the next 34 days, the PP decide to defend animal rights,” Amengual said.

Guardia Civil and Local Police to increase operations in Porto Colom this summer

Yesterday’s meeting in Porto Colom.

The central government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Plamer, yesterday chaired a meeting of the Felanitx Security Council which involved members from the Guardia Civil and the Local Police.
The main topic on the agenda was this summer security campaign in the tourist resort of Porto Colom.
Accompanied by the Mayor of Felanitx, Gabriel Tauler, they both praised  the excellent work both forces achieved last year and the close cooperation between the two security forces.
The Guardia Civil highlighted the fact that last year, the crime rate in Felanitx in general was reduced by 11 percent and that as down to the close working relationships between the security forces in the municipality.

Join the debate about Britain’s future in the European Union

What will happen if Britain leaves the EU?

By Humphrey Carter

This Friday evening, Epore, Europeans in Spain, in association with La Caixa Forum and the Majorca Daily Bulletin will be hosting a talk entitled “Britain, in or out of the European Union, How will it affect me?”.
The talks have been organised by the president and founder of Epore, Kate Mentink, who explained that she decided to arrange the discussion after having had to field dozens of questions over the past few months from British expatriates and business people who are becoming increasingly concerned and worried about what the implications would be should Great Britain vote to leave the European Union in the 2017 referendum being  promised  by the ruling Conservative Party, providing they hold on to power at the 7 May general election.
Kate has enlisted the support of two experts on the European union.
One is the former Vice-consul to the Balearics, Esteban MASMBE who, for the past four years has been the Balearic government’s delegate in Brussels and the other is the local lawyer and university lecturer Javier Blas.
“Mas will be coming from a Brussels point of view and I know his team has been researching the topic for weeks now, while Blas will be coming from a more local angle.
“What does already appear sure is that, should Britain opt out, we would get our identity cards with photographs on again as we would be considered immigrants,” Kate Mentink revealed yesterday. “But what most people are worried about is how their over all, status will change with regards to education, social services, tax, etc. and to a certain extent this is all uncharted waters but we hope on Friday to be able to clear a few issues up,” she added.
The talk is being held at La Caixa Forum (the Grand Hotel) near the Teatro Principal at 6.30p.m and will finish at around 8p.m once the Managing Editor of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Jason Moore, has summed up and there will be a question and answer session.
The event is open to all the general public, will be in English and is free. If you have an early question email

First charter flights from Liverpool to Palma in seven years

Thomson and First Choice will launch the first charter service out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport  in seven years, starting next summer.
They they will introduce a new Thomson Airways route to Palma  offering Thomson Cruises holidays to customers from the region for the first time.
It is part of a strategy by the tour operator to enable its customers to fly from their local airport to its hotels and destinations.
Customers travelling from Liverpool from summer 2016 will be able to join the Thomson Majesty sailing from Palma, exploring the Western Mediterranean, with the introduction of evening stays in Ibiza and Barcelona on its Catalan Promise itinerary.
Thomson Cruises will also be offering customers the chance to add a stay in central locations in Corfu town, Palma and Malaga for those looking for a city break experience.
A range of alternative holidays will also be available from Liverpool from Thomson and First Choice.
Flights will depart from Liverpool on Tuesdays, starting  3 May , 2016, operating for 26 weeks throughout the summer 2016 season, on a Thomson Airways 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Karen Switzer, director of aviation planning  for  Thomson and First Choice, said: “Adding a flight to Majorca from Liverpool demonstrates our commitment to the airport and the local area. It’s great that we can give local customers the chance to take advantage of fabulous new itineraries on board the Thomson Majesty next summer and allowing them to experience the cruise and stay programme.

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