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Saturday 30 August, 2014 Edition #4437

Editorial: Cricket Club

By Jason Moore

Members of the Mallorca Cricket Club will be meeting this weekend to discover what exactly is the future of their club. The Cricket Club in Magalluf may be small in numbers but it has a big following amongst the expatriate community on the island. The general view amongst many of the expats that I know is that “I may not go to the club on a regular basis but Ilike to know that it is there and it has a bright future.”  The Cricket Club iscaught in a Catch 22 situation;their present home is set to be redeveloped as part of a new housing and hotel complex but no-one has told the Cricket Club when this is happening. They have received no official notification even though building work on the complex is set to start soon. As a direct result they have been forced to turn away visiting teams who provide vital revenue for the Calvia area during the winter months. The Club have contacted the Calvia Council who have promised to set up a meeting with the developers. I hope this meeting happens soon and there is an acceptable agreement for all sides.  The Cricket Club are more than prepared to move but all they want is an official answer. They certainly deserve an official explanation. “If we have to move then please tell us and if we can stay here, please do likewise,” is the official word from the club. I think I speak for all Bulletin readers when I say that we want the Cricket Club to continue in Magalluf or elsewhere.  It is part of expat life on Majorca.  This is not a battle for survival of the Cricket Club but a battle that most expats on the island are willing to fight.

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Over 200,000 signatures against Balearic oil and gas prospecting


The  prestigious Swiss environmental organisation Ocean Care has joined the alliance to stop oil and gas prospecting in the Balearics.Ocean Care announced yesterday that over 200,000 signatures have been collected in Switzerland, Germany and Austria backing its “S.O.S FROM IBIZA” campaign to stop oil and gas prospecting in Balearic waters.
Earlier this month, Ocean Care and the Alianza Mar Blava, the Balearic movement against prospecting, held a   meeting with the Spanish Government on 4 August, Ocean Care and AVAAZ presented more than 150,000 signatures calling on the government to stop oil exploration.
The number of signatures has since risen.
“The Spanish Government has not yet decided on approving oil explorations around the Balearics. In case of approval, further applications have to be expected. By presenting the petition, we made clear that protests extend far beyond the Spanish borders. It’s a sign against the oil rush in the Mediterranean”,  Sigrid Lüber, president of Ocean Care said yesterday.

Spaniards still have €1.67 billion in old pesetas

Pesetas can still be exchanged.

Even though the euro replaced the peseta 15 years ago, Spaniards still have a whopping €1.67 billion worth of the country’s old and now unusable currency stashed away in draws and collector’s albums, the Bank of Spain says.
Fortunately for those who have just stumbled upon an old stash of pesetas, Spanish authorities will allow the old money to be exchanged for euros until 2020.
It’s been 15 years since the EU currency took centre stage in Spain and 13 since it completely replaced the peseta as the only currency that could be used as payment.

Palma will be third busiest airport this final weekend of the holidays

Palma’s Son Sant Joan airport will this weekend, the last weekend of the official summer holidays in Spain, be the third busiest airport in the country.
Airport sources said yesterday that between today and Monday, 3,236 flights are going to be handled by the airport along with well over half a million passengers.
The airport will be operating at full capacity with extra staff and security on duty to make sure the airport operates as smoothly as possible.
Today will be the busiest day with 936 flights expected and over 160,000 passengers.



By Humphrey Carter

Panic broke out in the Club de Mar early yesterday morning when a fire broke out on a motor launch moored in the marina. At 4.45am, one of the yacht club’s security guards noticed smoke coming from the rear of a 12 metre motor launch moored in the marina.
The smoke was getting denser and denser by the minute and the security guard immediately raised the alarm.
Members of the Local Police, the Port Police, the Guardia Civil, a fleet of  ambulances and 18 fire fighters equipped with special breathing apparatus rushed to the scene fearing the worst.
There were a great deal of nerves at first because the launch was moored between two other yachts and accessing  the blaze was complicated and fire fighters did not want the blaze to spread or the fuel tanks to explode.
A decision was quickly made by the Air Sea Rescue service to  pull the launch off her mooring and take her out into the bay, in front of the cathedral so the fire could be dealt with in a safe environment.

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