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Wednesday 26 November, 2014 Edition #4513

Editorial: The enemy within

By Jason Moore

SOCIAL media has become man (and woman´s) new best friend. Facebook, twitter and Youtube are all part of a social revolution which continues to go from strength to strength but there are dangers. Social media is increasingly being used as a propaganda tool by terrorist organisations and as we have seen with the murder of British soldier Lee Rigsby it was also used to plan the attack. Now, the big internet companies are under pressure to work with the intelligence services and report anything they believe to be suspicious. I don´t really want the spooks at GCHQor the NSA to have access to my Facebook or twitter account but if it keeps us safe then I am willing to overlook what is an obvious breach of my privacy. We are living in dangerous times and the threat level is high and the security services should be able to use all the tools  at their disposal to stop a terrorist outrage. Does this mean that we have to surrender our Facebook and twitter sites as well? Well yes it is a small price to pay.   Now, I am sure that some people will think that the security services will have passed what is an obvious red line if they can monitor our emails and social media sites. They probably already do. But at the end of the day does it really matter that Big Brother is keeping an eye on us in the interest of our safety? Well if you have nothing to hide then ofcourse not. The intelligence services certainly get my vote, look away and like it if you like! 

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Ten million euro investment planned for Magalluf for 2016

The new-look entertainment complex.

A  brand new Day and Nightlife experience will be launched at  the Fergus Magalluf Resort as part of a full reform of the two hotels (Pax and Barracuda) further developing the resort of Magalluf for summer 2016, as a result of an agreement reached between Fergus Hotels and the newly formed Intriga Entertainment Group.
 This new project will create 3,500 square metres of entertainment space within the hotels including a Day Club in one of the three pools and a multi-floor Night Club, with performance elements, visuals and special effects.
Both venues will have the latest in sound and lighting technology with an overall investment of  three million euros
Pep Cañellas, Co Founder of Fergus Hotels, said: “We are very pleased with the partnership we have formed with Intriga and extremely excited about the plans to launch the two new venues as part of our huge renovation, which together with the upgrade of the hotels and category increase will surpass  10 million euros of investment in the Fergus Magalluf Resort”.
Martyn Smith, Co Founder of Intriga Entertainment Group, said: “Due to the size of the development, we have to wait until 2016 for the launch but it gives us more time to get it right and more time to give the island something truly unique.

Price of Balearic properties set to fall next year

Palma.—The average price of a property in the Balearics is set to fall by 2,2 percent this year compared with 2013. While prices are set to go up on a national level by 1,4 percent- the first rise since the “property bubble burst” of 2008- prices in the Balearics will continue to decline, which is set to attract  more investors.
Property prices are also set to go down in Navarra (-1,5), Cantabria (-1,3) and Basque country (-0,9).
On the other end of the scale are the Valencia Community, Murcia and Galicia, with prices in the first two expected to grow by over three percent.
According to the same report, this year’s   increase in  prices  is seen as a result of recent demand. Investing in real estate hoping to cash in at a later stage seems to be attracting a large number of investors, 16 percent of them are foreigners.

Christmas lights go on this Friday at 7p.m.

The festive season comes to Palma this Friday when the city council will officially switch on the Christmas lights. There will be a concert in the Plaza Cort by the municipal band before the actual ceremony gets underway at 7pm.  This year all the principal shopping streets in the city have Christmas lights which will remain in place until January. The council hopes that the lights will give the city a greater Christmas feel and will attract more shoppers in the city.

The final whistle for the Luis Sitjar football stadium


IT has been witness to some of the greatest nights and afternoons of Real Mallorca football club and its downfall has mirrrored that of the club over recent years but soon the Luis Sitjar stadium will disappear under a mass of rubble.
The stadium, in the centre of Palma, has now become an eyesore since Real Mallorca moved to their new stadium at Son Moix and the Palma City Council decided yesterday that it has to be demolished for health and safety reasons.
The Luis Sitjar has been in steady decline for years. It has become a home for squatters and council officials maintain that it is a clear and present danger to the city.
“We have decided to demolish it after hundreds of complaints from neighbours,” said a city council spokesperson. The bulldozers will move in this morning as part of an operation which will cost the council in excess of 1.5 million euros.
More than one Real Mallorca fan is expected to shed a tear as the former first division soccer stadium is destroyed.

Green light for gas and oil exploration plan, claims leader of opposition

Palma.—The leader of the Socialist Party in the Balearic Parliament, Francina Amengol, said yesterday that she suspected that the local government had knowledge that the Ministry for Industry in Madrid was set to give the green light to oil and gas exploration in Balearic waters. The leader of the Balearic government, Jose Ramon Bauza, has said that he  will fight the oil and gas plan but critics said that his hands are tied because the necessary contracts have already been awarded.

City council ponders more “Sunday opening...”


Palma.—Palma City Council is considering allowing more Sunday shop opening after the Sunday Times  said in a weekend report that “Palma didn´t really do Sunday.” Under the present legislation only shops in the Jaime III area of the city are allowed to open on Sundays and on public holidays to protect small traders. The council said  yesterday that the scheme, introduced twoyears ago,has proved successful and the plan is expected to be given a vote of confidence at the next council meeting.  Some maintain that the plan doesn´t go far enough and all shops throughout the city should be allowed to trade on a Sunday.

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