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Thursday 23 October, 2014 Edition #4484

Editorial: Clap if you agree

By Jason Moore

IT  has been a while since I attended a session of the Balearic parliament but on Tuesday night I watched the Balearic version of “Today in Parliament” on local television. What a change! Elected Member of Parliaments now cheer and clap if they agree with a motion or a speech. Now, this week has been an interesting one in parliament because Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza has been giving his state of the Balearics speech. He spoke at length and then was cheered and applauded by his own MPs while the opposition showed their discontent. It was almost like a TVsoap. But Imust admit that it does make the local parliament more interesting to watch. Also, few people actually appeared to be listening to the Balearic leader. They were either smiling, or chatting with each other. Even the Speaker, who was sitting behind the Balearic President as he made his speech, was smiling and grinning broadly, at one of the seated MPs. All good stuff. But Idon´t know, perhaps Iam old fashioned, but I do not believe that there is a place for clapping in parliament, unless the occasion actually demands it.  Applauding your leader after a speech might look good, but it doesn´t really add anything to the debate. Now, the British parliament is full of antics but it is not so partisan as the Balearic one. In the Balearics you tow the party line or you are out. There is no need for applause because MPs will tell you if they liked it or not. And that is a big difference.

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21-year-old arrested in Calvia under the suspicion of drug dealing

Calvia Local Police, thanks to the cooperation of the general public, have arrested a 21-year-old man suspected to dealing  drugs in El Toro.
Police sources revealed yesterday that the arrest was carried out at 10am on Tuesday  after a local resident reported to the police that a van and a luxury vehicle were regularly parking in the same sport in the area.
Police headed to the scene and came across a small track and a young  man.
Officers began searching the area and under a bush  found  a red sports bag inside of which was a large quantity of marijuana separated into a number of small bags.
The police suspected that the young man, whose path they had crossed was looking for the bag, but turned back to his parked vehicle  when he saw the police arrive.

Teenage skateboarder recovering in hospital after bus accident


A 15-year-old skateboarder who was skating the wrong way along the Avenidas  and collided with an EMT public  bus in Palma on Tuesday, was recovering from his injuries in hospital yesterday.
According to the driver of the bus, the youngster suddenly appeared in front of him and was looking  in the opposite direction  as the bus came round the corner, giving the teenager no time to get out of the way of the bus.
The force of the impact was so fierce that the front windscreen of the bus was totally shattered.

PP has its candidate for mayor

By Humphrey Carter

The current Speaker of Parliament, Margalida  Duran, was presented as the PP’s candidate for Mayor of Palma yesterday afternoon.

Palma.—The announcement was made hardly 24 hours after Mayor Mateo Isern declared that he is not going to stand for reelection because he  can not rely on the full support of his party.
Although, the full reasons behind his decision, as the Bulletin reported yesterday, remain to be revealed.
Duran has been the favourite to replace Isern for the past few weeks and it appears that she will be the only candidate and will have the full backing of  the Partido Popular.
The decision to put  Duran forward as the candidate is a the result of a deal reached between the President of the Palma branch of  the Partido Popular, Jose Maria Rodriguez, and the President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza. PP sources have revealed that they wanted a solid candidate who is highly valued and appreciated by the party and is not going to cause any personal problems.
The Palma branch of the PPcurrently has 6,000 paid up members and Duran has vowed to work hard on behalf of the party and the people of Palma.

September saves the summer in the Balearics


By Humphrey Carter

A late surge in foreign holiday makers coming to the Balearics in September saved the summer season, according to the Minister for Tourism in Madrid.

Palma.—After months of a decline in the number of foreign visitors, in September, the Balearics was the second most popular destination for overseas visitors inSpain.
A total of 10.1 million holiday makers came to the region during the first nine months of this year,  2.3 percent more than last year.
In September, a total of  1.956.200 tourists came to the Balearics and 740.432 were Spanish nationals, 26  percent more than in September last year which shows that the domestic market is recovering.
A source for the Ministry for Tourism said yesterday that September “helped to consolidate growth in the Balearic tourism market” with only Catalonia out stripping the region with 13.4 million visitors. But, the summer season as a whole in the Balearics, did not live up to its expectations and certain UK tour operators warned back in the Spring that, while mainland Spain was due for a bumper season, the Balearics,  would struggle - and it has.
Throughout the summer, package holiday sales to the Balearics, in particular to Majorca, remained flat, if not down at times, in comparison  to last year and this is an issue which is going to be high on the agenda at the World Travel Market in London early next month.
Looking at the global  picture, Spain welcomed 52.4 million foreign visitors during the first nine months of this year.

Today's weather


High of 25 and low 12



By Humphrey Carter

The forest fire campaign may have been stood down, but the risks of fires is still  high as temperatures remain above normal and conditions dry.

Palma.—At 4.40am yesterday morning a Calvia Local Police patrol, on duty in Son Ferrer, spotted large flames leaping into the air in the area of Son Gris, Galilea in the municipality of Puigpunyent.
They immediately raised the alarm and teams of Guardia Civil and fire fighters from the Majorcan fire brigade and the Ibanat forestry commission  rushed to the scene on top of Puig de Galilea.
As the emergency services arrived, the flames were being blown extremely close to a number of houses in the area and ten were immediately evacuated. In total 20 people were ordered out of their homes for safety reasons.
The security services closed off a number of streets in the picturesque village in order to allow  easy access for all the fire fighters and their equipment.

Some of the evacuated residents took their pets with them while others had been out for the night and returned home to find the village surrounded by fire.
As evacuated residents watched on, fire fighters, working with flood lights, and wearing breathing apparatus battled the blaze.
Even the police were forced to wear masks because of the intense heat and dense smoke. At first light, the emergency services were able to call in air support and helicopters began battling the blaze from the air.

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