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Saturday 20 September, 2014 Edition #4455

Editorial: 24 hours is a long time

By Jason Moore

WHAT a difference a day makes. Thursday night the Scottish referendum appeared to be very much undecided and Alex Salmond was riding high. Yesterday afternoon, Scotland was firmly part of the union again and Salmond had gone.  A day is a long time in politics. But like him or not I do not believe that he should have stepped down. Scotland needs him more than ever because there are tough negotiations ahead. But afterall he did stake his political career on independence. He secured 1.5 million votes for the cause of independence in Scotland and  he ran a very successful campaign. But it wasn´t enough. The SNPwon big in Glasgow and Dundee but they failed to win in areas which are SNPheartlands. But taking this all into account Salmond is needed now in Scotland more than ever. He is probably one of the greatest political operators in the land. Scotland is also a divided country and needs strong leadership so that the healing process can take place. The referendum result was  a major setback for the SNP. But Scotland can feel proud of its referendum and the way that the whole campaign was conducted. I suspect that Salmond, when the Sunday Times put his campaign two points ahead in the polls, thought that it would be Prime Minister David Cameron going this week. In the end it was him. Politics is a nasty game. But sometimes you need to stay and clean-up the mess which someone will say you caused.

Tourist industry would prefer fewer but wealthier clients

Some parts of the tourist industry are in favour of a new model.

By Humphrey Carter

Concerns are rising about the damage record numbers of mass tourists is causing to Balearics resources, quality of life and the economy.

Palma.—At a meeting of the Balearic Confederation of Tourism Employers (CTPTB) in Palma yesterday were generally in agreement that the region’s  tourism model needs to change.
Delegates agreed that the Balearics would be better off with fewer tourists but wealthier ones. So far this year, the Balearics has been the only region in Spain to have suffered a decline in tourism spending, despite having a near record number of visitors.And, the idea was backed by the eco-nationalist party MES.
Party spokesperson, Biel Barcelo and MP David Abril agreed that the region needs to develop a more prosperous tourism model which eases the pressure on local natural resources, the environment and the quality of people’s lives.
“Over the past few years, we may well have welcomed record numbers of tourists, but every year, hundreds of resort businesses are being forced to close and that hits local families and suppliers and leads to a prolonged lack of consumer confidence and unemployment,” MES said.
And, what was made blatantly clear at the meeting is that the all inclusive resorts are causing the most damage to the local business community and even the economy.



Palma.—Thousands of people packed the centre of Palma on Thursday night to enjoy the annual ‘Night of Art’
Over 20 art galleries opened their doors for the night, many serving drinks and tapas, and the centre was buzzing with people enjoying the vast selection of exhibitions. And, for the first time in a long time, the public saw the President of the Balearics,Jose Ramon Bauza, and the Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, put their differences aside and joined  the people enjoying the evening together.

Guardia Civil “extort” Saudi Prince in Ibiza

Palma.—Two Guardia Civil officers have been arrested by their colleagues after they allegedly extorted 8,000  euros  from a famous Saudi Prince’s secretary who wanted to fly out of the holiday island with 50,000 euros in cash.
The officers discovered the cash in the luggage of Abdullah bin Mosaad’s secretary when he was due to fly to Paris from Ibiza airport on Monday.
Mosaad is a famous Saudi Prince and leading silk paper tycoon who is currently the co-chairman of English football club Sheffield United.
He is known to spend many of his summer holidays on the Balearic island.
The Civil Guards informed Mosaad’s secretary it is illegal to travel in or out of Spain with more than €10,000 of undeclared money.
 They apparently reached an ‘agreement’ with the man to let him take the money if he paid them 2,000 euros.

95 percent of Spaniards prefer texting to talking

A mobile industry survey has revealed that the vast majority of Spaniards are no longer the talkative and up-close communicators they were once known to be.
The ‘V report on Apps in Spain’, released yesterday by mobile industry event The App Date, is based on a survey of a thousand mobile phone users.
95.3 per cent reported using messaging apps at least once a day, more often than they made calls. 38.1 percent said they sent messages a  number of times each day.
WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, was the app of choice for 98.5 percent of users, well ahead of its rivals Skype (51.6 percent), Telegram (36.1 percent), Facebook Messenger (34.4 percent) or Line (31.7 per cent). The heaviest users were 24-to-34 year olds and 65 per cent of all users were aged between 25 and 44. Despite the popularity of apps, the average number of daily downloads in Spain has fallen from 4 million to 3.8 million in the last year.


YESTERDAY we asked our Facebook readers to post their opinions and here is a selection:
Craig Beattie: I am Scottish and more than happy with the result I have spoken with some of my friends voting yes and they didn’t even realise that and independent Scotland wanted more immigrants it wasn’t till I mentioned it today that they knew!’ I’m very surprised Braveheart wasn’t played on Wednesday night.

Allison Corbett: Disgusted and ashamed that a country would vote against its own independence.

Trudy Salandiak: Good decision because the best compromise was reached offering more power and responsibility without the significant risk full independence would have brought. Unfortunately it still leaves the country chewing on itself as heart fights head in a divided nation.

Karl Robinson: First time a country has ever been given the chance andturned down it’s independence. I don’t buy it. What a sham.

Jason Wilkinson: Why be ashamed?
 The majority of people voted to stay and be part of the union? 5 million people don’t get to call the shots that’s down to the whole 65million! That’s the way it is and will always be.

DavidnCarol Evans: Comment is common sense prevailed.

John Wardle:  The SNP whiners did not appear deflated to me on TV today, far from it, they have felt the power of becoming TV personalities, expect more of the same until the next elections.

Judy Shrimpton: Half of Scottish people wanted to turn their back on the rest of us. Do you think for one minute the rest of us are going to forget that in a hurry? I don’t think so. It’s going to be very interesting where UKIP go from here.

Kevin Jones : The concessions that have been given will create descent amongst the rest of the U.K. Especially the poorer areas. Another mess up by Cameron and his Lapdogs.

“The result and the turnout were very important”

By Humphrey Carter

EDINBURGH-BORN former Partido Popular Councillor and Director of the Department for European Citizens in the Balearic Government, Kate Mentink was “very pleased”  with yesterday’s result.
“Iam extremely pleased because the ‘no’ camp won with a clear 10 point gap but also because the turn out was so high, around 85 percent, some 3.6 million people and Scots should be proud of themselves for having taken the matter so seriously.
“But now, there are two important things the Scots have to sort out and quickly.
“The first is to restore social unity again and get rid of the aggression which built up between the two camps in the run up to Thursday’s referendum, neighbours need to get back to living happily alongside each other, families need to reunite.
“And secondly, put the referendum behind them and set about operating as part of the union.
“Scotland has to now work on negotiating more powers and responsibilities and I thought that  Alex Salmond would have been the  best person to do that while Wales and N. Ireland can also call for more powers too and, the English as well.
“England is the only country  in the union which does not have its own parliament and I can see things changing.
“Yesterday, was the first day in what in the mid to long term is going to be a very different United Kingdom.
“What we’ve seen happen in Scotland is going to become very significant in the long run, much is going to change, we are going to see a new Britain emerge out of all this which, from the view of the English, will benefit them.
“However, London, or rather the government can not ignore that fact that 1.6 million people in Scotland did vote in favour of independence, so it is going to have to honour its promises and come up with what it promised Scotland if she stayed in the union.
“Remember, they’ve got a general election in May of next year and then Scotland goes to the polls in 2016, so the time frame is quite tight, hence why I said I thought Salmond would have been the best person  to take care of the negotiations with London, but obviously that is not going to be.
“He  was  the elected First Minister of Scotland and had made no indication what so ever of resigning if he failed to win independence for the country. Obviously, he has changed his mind but  his departure will only leave a power vacuum and I don’t see anyone in the SNP capable of filling his boots right now,” Mentink added.

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