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Thursday 27 November, 2014 Edition #4514

Editorial: The losing battle

By Jason Moore

THE search for oil and gas in Balearic waters will go ahead despite assurances from the President of the Balearic government, Jose Ramon Bauza,  that he will fight them all the way.  The reason is that the various oil companies involved have a rock-solid contract from the Spanish government giving them the right to carry out the work. These contracts were awarded by the previous socialist administration and unless the Spanish government wants to end up in court they have little option but to allow them to go-ahead. But what intrigues me is the attitude of Bauza, who has championed the anti-exploration cause in the Balearics eventhough he must know that it is a lost battle. Infact the socialist opposition has claimed that the Ministry of Interior is set to give the green light to the oil and gas plan in the coming weeks. And Bauza knows this state of affairs. But he continues to fight tooth and nail to stop it. Now, obviously the fact that the contracts were awarded by a previous socialist administration means that he can attack the opposition and make some political capital from the scandal.  In the Canary Islands the exploration work has already started and this has led to major protests from environmental groups. A similar storm of protests can be expected from the local ecological groups when the exploration work gets underway. Bauza meanwhile continues his losing battle and he knows it. Interesting times. 

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Duran visits our offices


The candidate for Mayor of Palma from the Partido Popular,  Margalida Duran accompanied by Councillor Alvaro Gijon, visited our offices yesterday. She was greeted by our Honary Chairman Pere A. Serra and Chairman Carmen Serra and met the  editors of the various newspapers which are produced by the Serra Group.

Palma stores get ready for Black Friday shopping bonanza, starts today

Discounts for shoppers on Black Friday in Palma.

IN some parts of Europe and in the United States it has now become one of the busiest shopping days of the year and now Palma wants a slice of the action as well.
Numerous shops including the El Corte Inglés department store will be holding Black Friday discount shopping days ahead of the Christmas rush this week. In the case of El Corte Inglés the store will be slashing the prices of some popular items such as clothes, televisions and tablet computers starting today with discounts of up to 40 percent at both of their Palma stores.
Other shops are expected to follow suit. The message from retailers is buy now for Christmas and save money. The Black Friday shopping bonanza also coincides with the switching on of the Christmas lights in Palma tomorrow at 7p.m. The city council wants to give the city a real festive feel in an effort to entice shoppers.  For many retailers the Christmas and Three Kings period is the busiest of the year.

Locals against Al Molinar expansion

“Al Molinar port petit” (Al Molinar small port) platform has yesterday delivered 15,500 signatures to port authorities, in protest against the proposed expansion of the port.
The group says the expansion will have an impact on the local neighbourhood, leading to a loss of cultural, landscape and historic heritage.

Balearics well connected

Over 78 percent of Balearic households now have internet access, nine percent more than last year. According to  a recent study, the region is now fourth in Spain on that department.
Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops and video consoles were in that order the devices most used to access the web. The remaining 21,6 percent of Spanish residents said they either can’t afford internet, have no need for it or have little knowledge on how to use it.

Final farewell to the Luis Sitjar stadium


A small group of Real Mallorca supporters said their final farewell to the Luis Sitjar stadium yesterday as council officials arrived to start planning the demolition of the city centre sports ground.
Not even the pouring rain could stop  a group of council architects and planning officials arriving at the now abandoned stadium to begin their task which will cost in excess of 1.5 million euros. The city council said yesterday that Real Mallorca would be footing the bill for the demolition work, and not the council as previously reported. But with Real Mallorca continuing to suffer severe financial problems the council  will probably have to wait for their money.
Real Mallorca vacated the Luis Sitjar in the late 1990s and and moved to their present home, the Son Moix stadium leaving behind a long legacy of Mallorca matches at the Luis Sitjar including European clashes against Chelsea and league showdowns against Real Madrid and Barcelona. It will take weeks to demolish the stadium but the Luis Sitjar is now into extra time.

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