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Tuesday 2 September, 2014 Edition #4439

Editorial: Magalluf again

By Jason Moore

MAGALLUF just will not get out of the headlines. The announcement yesterday  that the Calvia chief of police and two other officers had been detained for alleged extortion from business owners in the area is just another twist in this long running story. Now, more details on this case are unavailable because it is still being investigated by the police and the judiciary but it appears that the three were detained and went before a judge in Palma who ordered that they be sent to jail. It follows a report that business owners in Magalluf had been questioned by a Palma judge last week.  After a summer in which Magalluf was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this latest case will be seen as a blow especially as it allegedly involves a senior police officer.  But I would also like to say that the vast majority of police officers in Calvia do a fantastic job and this case should not taint their good reputation and hard work and dedication. For once I agree with the opposition socialist group on the Calvia council who are calling on the Mayor, Manu Onieva, to give a full account of the case. Now obviously he is in a very diffulct situation because of the on-going police investigation but the people of Calvia do deserve an explantion especially as it allegedly involves the most senior local police officer in Calvia. What worries me, is that once again Magalluf is making the headlines not just here but in Britain and across the globe. A very sad state of affairs.



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17 years for forest fire arsonist

The suspect apparently accepted the charges yesterday.

By Humphrey Carter

The Palma High Court yesterday handed down a sentence of 17 and a half years to a suspect found guilty of having started 24 forest fires.

Palma.—The public prosecution was pushing for a maximum sentence of 78 years, but yesterday, the accused was sentenced to 17 and a half years after being found guilt for having apparently started a total of 24 forest fires in Majorca and Minorca  during the summer of 2012.
20 of those fires were started in Majorca and the remaining four in Minorca destroying a total of 69 hectares of woodland, in particular around the area of  Bendinat.
The suspect was finally arrested in September 2012 and since then, has been held on remand in Palma prison, waiting for his trial to come to court.
It was September 2012 that he was finally arrested in Minorca after having embarked on his arson  spree on 16 June.
Apparently, he used toilet paper, candles and a lighter to start the fires.

Investigation continues into death of teenager during Bunyola fiesta

The scene of the tragedy.

Palma.—The investigation into the death of 18-year-old David Grimaldos Gonzalez during the Bunyola fiesta  in the early hours of Sunday morning continued yesterday.
The teenager apparently  received a fatal electric shock   when he leaned against a lamppost while urinating.
According to the Guardia Civil  and local emergency services, the victim received the shock when leaning against the lamppost while urinating on top of a wall.
He collapsed from the shock and hit his head on the ground.
Emergency services were unable to resuscitate him after being alerted by the victim’s friend.
Local authorities are now investigating if other lampposts in the area have faulty wiring like the one that caused the 18 year old’s death.

Jaume Matas’s North American assets being investigated


Palma.—Jose Castro, the judge investigation the Palma Arena corruption scandal in which the former Partido Popular President of  the Balearics, Jaume Matas, is deeply involved is apparently investigating Matas’s allegedly hidden assets  in the United States.
The former President and Spanish Minister for the Environment  while Jose Maria Aznar was Prime Minister, is currently serving a nine month sentence for crimes related to the Palma Arena corruption investigation and faces a number of other charges which have yet to come to court.
Jaume Matas moved to Washington almost immediately after losing the election in 2007.

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Calvia Local Police chief arrested over alleged extortion in Magalluf

Local Police Chief Jose Antonio Navarro Muñoz was apparently reported by bar owners in Punta Ballena.

By Humphrey Carter

A full investigation was under way last night after the Chief of Calvia Local Police and two other members of the force were arrested for alleged extortion.

Palma.—Calvia Local Police Chief, Jose Antonio Navarro Muñoz, and two other members of the local force, were arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning apparently following alleged corruption claims filed by business people in Magalluf, in particular Calle Punta Ballena.

On remand
All three of the police officers appeared before a Palma judge  and were ordered to be held on remand in Palma prison while the investigation continues.
It is understood that  the claimants presented alleged proof of extortion by the three officers  at the office of the  Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in Palma  on Friday. Some of the disgruntled business people were quoted yesterday  as saying alleged favouritism by the officers was having a serious effect on their businesses.
“It’s not about making money anymore, it’s about surviving,” one of the businessmen told the judge.
“You don’t mess with our livelihoods. We have nothing to lose.”

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