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Thursday 31 July, 2014 Edition #4409

Editorial: Back on track

By Jason Moore

I NEVER thought that I would say this but it appears that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has pulled off a minor miracle with the Spanish economy. The Spanish economy is back growing again, new jobs are being created and there are reasons to be optimistic about the economic future of the country. Even in the Balearics the economic bounce is noticeable. Two giant shopping centres, which are being built at the moment, will create thousands of new jobs  and even the hoteliers are investing locally rather than abroad. The big Spanish banks are back in profit  and the International Monetary Fund has confirmed Spain´s economic recovery. But the big question is whether “the economic miracle” will help Rajoy´s Partido Popular win the local elections next year and the general elections in 2015? I think it is unlikely that the Partido Popular will win the local elections in the Balearics. Opinion polls point to defeat for Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza. He will probably win but will not secure an overall majority which will leave the door open for another so-called “rainbow coalition.” Now the general elections are  still two years away and the opposition socialist party are in a mess. But I suspect that if the economic situation continues to improve then Rajoy will take the credit at the ballot box. This has been a long and nasty recession but it does appear to be finally coming to an end. I sincerely hope that Spain has learnt its lesson about boom and bust.



Today´s holiday snap Sunset in Sant Elm (Andratx) by Donald and Jean Robertson.

Busy week ahead for Palma Son Sant Joan


Over 790,000 passengers are expected to pass through Palma airport gates in the next six days, the Ministry of development reported yesterday.
Between landings and take offs 5,580 flight operations are scheduled for that period of time.
Airport authorities are expecting Saturday to be the busiest day at Son Sant Joan airport, with 982 flight operations carrying 168,990 passengers expected to take place at Palma airport.
That figure implies a growth of 2,1 percent in number of flights and 2,7 percent in number of passengers compared with the same period last year.

Quality of tourism in Alcudia and Pollensa improving

 In total 47 refurbishment works took place in hotels in Pollensa and Alcudia since 2012.
The Balearic councillor for the tourism department, Jaime Martinez visited the areas yesterday and showed his satisfaction with the progress the industry is showing in both municipalities since the new tourism law of 2012 was approved.
Alcudia hotels underwent 28 refurbishment projects costing a total of 44,876,432 euros, while 5,234,320 euros were spent in Pollensa on 19 similar projects.

Socialists accuse Calvia Council of too little, too late over Magalluf

The Calvia Council and police have been carrying out inspections on bars in Magalluf.

Calvia—The opposition Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE)on the Calvia Council slammed the ruling Partido Popular yesterday for  doing “too little, too late,” over Magalluf.
In a hard-hitting statement issued to the media yesterday the socialists said: “Why is it that only now prostitutes can be arrested for robbing tourists  when they have been doing this for years.” The ruling council have said that they were unable to act against the prostitutes operating in Magalluf because street prostitution was legal but this week 11 prostitutes were arrested in Magalluf but the council claimed that they had been caught “red handed” robbing tourists.
The socialists accused both the Mayor of Calvia, Manu Onieva, and the President of the Balearic Government , Jose Ramon Bauza, of doing nothing about Magalluf.“Where have Bauza and Onieva been? Why have they allowed Magalluf to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons once again.”
The socialist also claim that bar and nightclub inspections should be carried out at the  beginning of the summer, not once the season has started and they also claimed that the council had been caught wrong footed on Magalluf and were only now taking action.

City council wants control over the Paseo Maritimo from the Palma Port Authority


Palma.—The Palma City Council want the Palma Port Authority to hand them control over the Paseo Maritimo in the city.
The Paseo Maritimo is one of the few areas in the city which is not directly controlled by the Council. Yesterday, it was announced that a joint Port Authority/Council committee would  be established to help co-ordination between the two government bodies. This could be the start of a transfer of control of the Paseo Maritimo to the City Council.

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