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Saturday 31 January, 2015 Edition #4570

Editorial: A key meeting

By Jason Moore

EVERY time I walk past the Grand Hotel cultural centre in central Palma my thoughts turn to a meeting which took place there in the 1930s. It was a lunch meeting between a senior British politician and the British Consul. This meeting would prove vital years later during the Second World War and would effectively keep Spain neutral. The British politicians was no normal politician;he was Winston Spencer Churchill and the British Consul was no ordinary Consul it was Captain Alan Hillgarth.  Churchill was touring Europe and arrived in Majorca and decided to check in with “our man in Palma.” Hillgarth was an adventurer who had been washed up on the shores of Majorca and settled here buying a home in Santa Maria. The two, thanks to this meeting became good friends. At the outbreak of World War 2 Churchill ordered that Hillgarth be made Naval Attache at the British Embassy in Madrid and he was also Britain´s spy-master in Spain. He managed to persuade key Spanish generals, close to dictator General Franco, to keep Spain neutral despite Nazi pleas for German troops to be allowed to cross into Spain from France and capture the key outpost of Gibraltar. Hillgrath, who had direct access to Churchill during his time at the Embassy, was involved in many elaborate espionage operations and later on the orders of Churchill carried out a similar mission in the Far East. The Grand Hotel will always have a special place in history.

Airport staff to go on strike


Labour unions at Spanish airport operator Aena  have called a 25-day strike, from 11 February, the day the state will list 49 percent of the company on the stock market in its biggest privatisation in 18 years.
Strike days will be taken between 11 February  and 25 August, a union source said yesterday.
Industrial action, called by Aena workers’ two main unions to protest the privatisation, will hit maintenance, power and fire fighting services, among other key airport areas, the source said.
Spain’s largest union, CCOO, has claimed that the market listing violates the employment terms originally agreed with the public operator.
Aena, which has some 9,000 employees across its 46 Spanish airports, declined to comment.
Shares in the world’s largest airport operator are expected to sell at 43 euros to 55 euros  each, valuing the whole of Aena at 6.45 billion to 8.25 billion euros.

Overwhelming support for caps and tighter controls on all inclusives

The majority of people would like to see a curb on all inclusive hotels

By Humphrey Carter

Moves by the new Greek government to tackle and bring under control the all inclusive holiday market for the good of the domestic and resort economies, has  been welcomed by a large number of readers of the Bulletin, be they residents here in Majorca or regular visitors.
The Greek proposals m which has the  backing from associations in Majorca, sparked a major debate on social media yesterday and the Bulletin’s Facebook page received over 100 comments with the vast majority in favour of the al inclusive industry being capped or even reduced. And, one of the biggest concerns was that due to the low prices offered by many of the all inclusive resorts, few people are encouraged or even have the interest in venturing out of their hotel.


Palma.—The Bulletin reported yesterday that the ambitious project to remodel the Playa de Palma was facing further set backs. Well yesterday the Council of Majorca, announced that the whole project has been suspended.
A series of irregularities have been  discovered by various groups charged with examining the project’s plans and it has been decided that, until all the irregularities have been resolved, the project is on hold. The decision will come as a blow to the consortium responsible for the redesign of the Playa de Palma.
Consortium manager, Palma Council for Tourism, Alvaro Gijon, claimed that his team had been working closely with the Council of Majorca and the problems were mere “minor technicalities”. However, based on the Council of  Majorca’s decision, the project still has some major design problems to resolve.

Balearics remains on severe weather alert for gale force winds


Pama.—No let up in the extreme weather is expected today, in fact, conditions could get worse, according to the Met. office.
The Balearics remains on severe weather alert with gusts of up 120 kilometres per hour expected  in the mountains and some coastal areas with snow  forecast at 1,000 metres.
Between midnight and 11.30 yesterday morning, the Balearic 112 emergency control centre responded to 16 incidents caused by the strong winds and fielded scores of other calls from worried residents.

Today's weather


High of 13 and low 10

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