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Thursday 21 August, 2014 Edition #4428

Editorial: Changing resorts

By Jason Moore

Investments of 500 million euros have been announced over recent weeks for the Playa de Palma (Arenal and Can Pastilla) and for Magalluf. Now this is plenty of money and clearly confirms that private enterprise is backing some of the more controversial resorts on the island. The Playa de Palma has been dubbed Berlin by the Sea and it is taking the lion´s share of the investment which will be spent on new hotels and leisure facilities. Then there is the new shopping complex. Magalluf is to receive the same sort of treatment. Now both Arenal and Magalluf have been in  the headlines for all the wrong reasons over recent weeks but it  appears that the future is bright. It could be said that both Arenal and Magalluf are going up-market. But both resorts have their more “fun and over-the-top areas” so is their room for the hen and stag parties with  the more so-called up-market tourist in the same resort?  I sincerely doubt it. You can´t have the best of both worlds. So Arenal and Magalluf are going to have to decide what they want for the future. The hoteliers are banking on more up-market tourists hence their construction of more four and even five star hotels. The local authorities are of the same opinion. But what is going to happen to Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf or the “Beer Street” in Arenal? Will they simply disappear? Not in the short term but in the long term Isuspect that they will re-invent themselves again in a new form.  

For the second consecutive night, armed police needed to be drafted in to restore law and order in the Palma neighbourhood of Son Gotleu.


By Humphrey Carter

Palma.—In the early hours of yesterday morning, nearly one hundred members of the National and Local Police forces, many of them armed, took to the streets of the city centre neighbourhood of Son Gotleu as dozens of ethnic gypsies and Nigerian residents clashed.

Son Gotleu is one of the most socially depressed and deprived districts in the capital and has a very diverse community of various nationalities.

Five people were arrested during clashes on Monday night and at least two more were taken into custody early yesterday morning.

According to the police, the clashes lasted for some two hours with wooden stakes, baseball bats, steel pipes and various other objects used as weapons.

The National Police riot squad was first on the scene and was later backed up by the Local Police.


Yesterday, as a small number of police remained on the scene of the clashes to prevent tensions from flaring up again as night fell, the investigation into the cause of these latest clashes continued.

There are apparently two motives, according to the police.

One is that one of the gypsies was refused a drink in a local bar and turned abusive and violent.

The other is that a local Nigerian resident ‘touched’ a female ethnic gypsy.

This is not the first time that race riots have broken out in Son Gotleu, which is also a renown drugs den.

In August, 2009, massive riots involving some 400 people broke out in the neighbourhood.

Again the clashes were between ethnic gypsies and Africans living in the area.

Two people were seriously injured, numerous others treated for minor injuries and 20 cars were damaged or destroyed.

On that occasion, the riot was sparked by an argument over the owner ship of a pair of sun glasses.

Then, three years later in August, 2011, Son Gotleu was again the scene of more racial tension.

This time, the riots were sparked by the apparently accidental death of a local Nigerian resident who fell from the fourth floor of an apartment block in the neighbourhood.

Initially, a number of eye witnesses claimed that the 28-year-old had been thrown to his death by a group of three gypsies and this sparked immediate clashes.

The violence raged for two days with hundreds of police involved.

Five people were eventually arrested but shops were looted (while others remained closed until the unrest died down), cars and waste bins torched and a large number of people injured.

Summer time in Majorca


Andy Rawson sent in his photograph of Portixol harbour. Keep sending us your summer snaps, be they views, parties or any other event. Send them by email to or post them on our Facebook page.

Parents worried with alcohol pub crawls


By Francisco Cortez

Beer festival “Birracruzis”, which this year celebrates its ninth edition on Majorca is causing quite a stir among the local community.The famous pub crawl, in which youngsters go from bar to bar drinking as much beer as they can, was criticised by the Catholic church and some neighbours (the festival is celebrated all over the island and on the mainland  as well) in the beginning of the Summer for being to extreme and “encouraging youngsters to engage in  alcohol abuse activities”.
Now, a few months later, more groups have slammed the public administrations who run the festival.
The Parents of Students Association of Majorca and the platform Active Families Network released a press statement yesterday highlighting the “negative effects of the promotion of these kinds of events on youngsters in places like Magalluf for example”.
“They encourage youngsters to take part in these drinking activities in broad daylight and fail to control whether or not they engage in the consumption of toxic substances,” they said.

Koreans visit Balearic ship yards such as STP in Palma


Last week the IPM Group received the visit of JDC delegation, Jeju Free International City Development Center, led by President Kim Han-wook, who travelled from Korea to meet firsthand the best sailing facilities of the Mediterranean.
This organisation created in 2002 depends on the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and was created to support and promote national and international projects to help with the development of the city.
With the interest in developing a Marine major project on the island of Jeju, they wanted to meet Spanish sailing facilities that can be a reference when carrying out this ambitious project.

Tribute to Peter Sharp


The British and Majorcan communities united as they paid tribute to Peter Sharp, killed in a road accident earlier this month.
More than 100 mourners gathered in the Catholic church of Son Ferrer to pay their respects to a Briton who had made the island his home for more than 20 years
They heard that Peter died “in a cruel twist of fate” when an out-of-control quad bike crashed into his moped near the turn-off for Portals Nous as he left his Magalluf home to go shopping in Palma centre, originally from Barnsley in Yorkshire, was described as “a true gentleman”, “a gentle giant” and “a top bloke”.

Briton critical after balcony fall


By Humphrey Carter

According to initial reports from the emergency services, the young man was trying to climb from one room to another through an exterior window. The man aged in his early to mid-twenties fell up to 25 metres (82 feet) from the fourth floor of the building,  where a French holiday maker fell to his death two weeks ago, according to the emergency services. The accident occurred at around 10am at an apartment complex in calle Martin Ros García, emergency services said.
The young man, whose name was not given, is thought to have been trying to climb from one room to another via the outside of the building when he fell.
He suffered multiple injuries and was rushed to the Son Espases hospital in a serious condition.   
It is not known whether he had been drinking at the time of the accident. The man is the latest victim of the craze known as ‘balconing’ in which tourists attempt to jump or climb  from one apartment balcony to another, or leap from a balcony to a swimming pool below.

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