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Saturday 22 November, 2014 Edition #4510

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Editorial: Flying the flag

By Jason Moore

“Snob Labour MP’s Twitter dig at White Van Man’s England Flags,” said the front page of  The Sun newspaper yesterday after a Labour MP appeared to sneer at a photograph of a house in Rochester  “flying the flag.” This whole episode rather sums up the Labour Party at the moment, out-of-touch and rather lost under the leadership of Ed Miliband. But I also think that the whole episode has been blown  out of  all proportion. The England flags were placed on the house for the World Cup; this was not a sentiment of England the nation, rather than England the football squad. I sincerely doubt that this was a stand against immigration, the European Union or the fact that the political elite are out of touch. This was flying the flag for Roy´s Boys in Brazil. I suspect there are plenty of homes up and down Britain which  are flying the flag but of course this house was “special” because it was in Rochester the scene of the United Kingdom Independence Party´s latest success. There are plenty of reasons for flying the flag for Britain. I think you can say that one of Britain´s proudest moments in recent history was when it welcomed hundreds of thousands of people from Nazi tyranny from all Europe. Polish and other Eastern European pilots helped the Royal Air Force win the Battle of Britain which was fought in the skies above Rochester 75 years ago. And now  these same Eastern Europeans are not welcome  in the Britain of UKIP.   There are reasons to fly the Union flag in Rochester as a lasting tribute to “The Few” in the Battle of Britain.  “Roy´s Boys” are not in the same league.

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Golf Andratx is bought by a group of German and Swiss investors

Palma.—A group of Swiss and Germany investors  have bought Golf Andratx which had been suffering some financiial problems.
The new owners have ambitious plans including creating a school which will offer free golf lessons for children and spending two million euros annually between 2015 and 2017 on improving and up-grading the facilities.
At the moment the golf course has a turnover of about 22,000 euros per years in green fees but the new owners want to raise this figure to 30,000 euros.
The majority of the clients at the golf course are visiting German tourists and residents. The  new owners also want to open the course to all nationalities.

Council slammed over “drugs supermarket...”

The opposition socialist party on  Palma City Council has accused the Mayor Mateo Isern and his team of allowing a “massive drugs supermarket “ to operate at the Son Banya estate on the outskirts of the city. Son Banya is notorious for its drug trafficking but the socialist party claim that the ruling council is not doing enough to resolve the problem.
  A recent police report claimed that the majority of drugs sold in Palma had come from Son Banya. The police have raided homes in the area on many occasions. 

Tsunami alert in the Balearics


By Francisco Cortez

The Balearics are one of the regions in the country most at risk of suffering from a tsunami”, experts from the National Geographic Institute warned yesterday.

Palma.—Geology experts from all over the country met this week to discuss matters related with the National Tsunami Alert Network, and explained that the Balearic region, the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic coast, particularly Huelva and the bay of Cadiz are the regions most exposed if an underwater earthquake was to take place.
They did add that strong tsunamis in the area only happen on average every 1,200 to 1,500 years.
The biggest tsunami in the area, was back in 1755, the biggest natural catastrophe to date recorded in Spain, when the “Lisbon Earthquake” took the lives of 1,200 Cadiz citizens.
Other minor incidents have also been recorded, in 1790, 18004, 1954, 1980 and 2003, all of them off the coast of Algeria.

llegal working hours must end, says Balearic Socialist Party

If “illegal working hours” were to be put to an end, unemployment figures in the Balearics would go down by 11 percent.
According to the  Balearic Socialist party, workers in Spain work every year 10, 25 million hours extra “illegally”, meaning over the 42 hours limit by law.
The party wants to put an end to this situation and insists that sanctions must be imposed to companies and bosses who abuse and exploit their workers.
The party added that those extra hours could be filled by part-time contracts, reducing the unemployment figures in the region in the process.

More warning signs for Balearics as British tourism falls

More German visitors and fewer British tourists in October.

Palma.—The unseasonably good weather last month gave end-of-season tourism a boost but the British rather spoilt the party with a drop in visitor numbers of three percent.
There was a big rise in the number of German tourists, increasing by eight percent to a new record of 462,332. But British visitors fell to 251.997,  three percent less than during the same period last year.
The figures rather show that German tourism resigns supreme in the Balearics with visitor numbers almost doubling those of their British counterparts.  Majorca had an increase in tourism of around three percent,  Minorca  6.5 percent  and Ibiza and  Formentera 15.5  percent.
But while the Germans may rule in the Balearics it is the British who rule Spain. 

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