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Friday 31 October, 2014 Edition #4491

Editorial: Thank you

By Jason Moore

THE summer season is drawing to a close but we should be upbeat. On our social media sites on Wednesday we posted a photograph of the end of the season and thanking tourists for coming to our shores in their millions. The response was immediate.  Tourists who had visited the island quickly posted how much they loved Majorca and how much they were looking forward to their return. “We have already booked,” “We will be over in June again, have a great winter,” “Fantastic island, it is our dream destination,” were just some of the comments posted on our Facebook site. It clearly underlined the love tourists have for this island.  And of course some asked why was it so difficult to get to the island during the winter. Now, obviously there are some hotels which are open this winter and there are some flights from the London area but I wish there were more. But as I said at the start of this column there are reasons to be upbeat. Now, as I said earlier, we thanked all the tourists who came here this summer which got me thinking that perhaps the local authorities should do likewise. We know that we have an extremely beautiful and fantastic island but we haven´t got a god-given right to attract tourists every year. People like to feel welcome and deserve a thank you as well, because without tourists we are nothing. So, I will say it again. Thank you to all the tourists who came here this season and hope to see you again next year.

13% of us have no savings in the bank

The Balearics are still trying to fight growing levels of poverty.

Palma.—The number of people living in poverty in Spain has risen by 4.4 million since the country was battered by an economic crisis to reach 11.7 million, or one in four, a leading Catholic charity said yesterday.
And, here in the Balearics, 12.2 percent of the population claim to have no financial savings what so ever, according to the results of a  survey carried out by the on line retailer into the level of personal debt in Spain.
According to the findings, 22.5 percent of people have less than 3,000 euros saved up while 16.3 percent have less than 1,000 euros.
But, the Catholic charity Caritas has revealed that a large section of the Spanish population is suffering.
The proportion of people living in social exclusion stood at 25.1 percent in mid-2013, up from 16.3 percent in 2007, a year before a decade-long housing bubble collapsed sending the economy into a tailspin, Caritas said.

Father of baby in fatal accident appears after 48 hours

Palma.—The father of the two month baby boy who tragically died after being hit in the head by a vehicle wing mirror on Tuesday morning in Costitx, presented himself  at the court house in Inca yesterday lunchtime and spent the afternoon being interviewed by the Guardia Civil which are investigating the fatal accident.

Local resident
The father was out for a walk with his baby boy in his  arms on Tuesday morning when they turned down a very narrow street in the town  where they were confronted by an on coming vehicle.
Unfortunately they were unable to get out of the way in time and one of the vehicle’s wing mirrors clipped the baby’s head and his father’s elbow.

Spain “has to find out if it has gas and oil”: minister


By Humphrey Carter

Central government in Madrid gave another clear indication yesterday that it is going to stand firm over gas and oil prospecting.

Palma.—While national and international opposition to prospecting  being allowed to go ahead in Balearic waters is continuing to mount, the Minister for Tourism, Industry and Energy, Jose Manuel Soria, made it clear yesterday that Spain “can not afford  to not  find out if it is sitting on gas and oil deposits.”
And, he also stressed that, if the environmental impact study concludes that prospecting will pose no threat to the environment, prospecting will go ahead in the Balearics, the Canary Islands and even off Northern Spain.
The statements will come as a blow to the anti-prospecting movement, although there are claims that the environmental impact study is apparently going to recommend that prospecting is not permitted to go ahead.
Nevertheless, under the current economic climate, Soria and central government does not believe the country can afford to ignore discovering whether it has its own sources of  fuel and energy or not.
At the moment, all of Spain’s liqui

Two Britons arrested in Magalluf

Palma.—Palmanova Guardia Civil have arrested two young British men in Magalluf suspected of drug dealing, theft and handling misappropriated goods. According to the Guardia Civil, both men are members of an organised gang which specialises in trafficking drugs  in the  nightclubs and bars in Magalluf.
The Guardia Civil opened the investigation in August after a Nigerian member of the gang was caught peddling drugs in a well known Magalluf club.
He was found in the possession of a considerable amount of drugs and cash the Guardia Civil maintain was  from the sale of the drugs. He is now being held on remand in Palma prison. Two other members of the gang managed to flee while the Nigerian was being arrested.

Palma rules against ban on bullfighting

Palma.—Palma Council yesterday voted against a motion to ban bullfighting in the municipality.
This is the second time the council has decided  not to declare Palma a bullfighting free zone despite a petition in support of the ban signed by 60,000 Palma residents being handed into the council last week.
Mallorca Sanse Sang (Majorca without blood) is driving the campaign which has the backing of AnimaNaturalis and CAS International.
The motion was favoured by the opposition parties, but the Partido Popular, which enjoys a majority on Palma Council, voted unanimously against the motion.

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