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Tuesday 21 October, 2014 Edition #4482

Editorial: Not that popular

By Jason Moore

IT worked for Prime Minister David Cameron and now Balearic leader, Jose Ramon Bauza, is trying to do the same;reduce taxes and increase his popularity ahead of the next local elections. Bauza´s government team are looking to give the self employed a helping hand by reducing their taxes.  But what annoys  me is how politicians dangle the carrot of tax cuts in an effort to increase their popularity. If all else fails you can always cut taxes. But now is not the time. The Balearic economy continues to be in a mess and no-one is too sure if it has emerged from recession and is back on the course of positive growth. Judging by the opinion polls at the moment it will need a minor miracle for Bauza and his ruling Partido Popular to win the next local elections. At the moment we appear to be on course for coalition government. Now, if Bauza had reduced taxes when he came to power I am sure that he would have been in a better position and probably more popular. His Balearic government has been a failure;the education system is in a mess thanks to his controversial three language learning system, winter tourism continues to be a dream rather than a reality, the High Street is still in big trouble and the Convention Centre on Palma´s Paseo Maritimo continued to be an unfinished monument to the days of boom and then it all went bust. So Bauza you are going to need alot more than a few tax cuts to make you popular again. The Balearics deserve alot better.

Majorca Snaps


Paul Satterly sent this photo. Many people may have seen this extraordinary sunset last week. This island never ceases to amaze with it`s natural beauty. The picture was taken from my bedroom window at 7pm. in Sa Coma on the east coast.

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Boyzone star’s family to launch private probe into his death

Palma.—It has been five years since Boyzone star Stephen Gately tragically passed away in  Majorca but his family still feel they have many questions about what happened on the night that he died left unanswered. Now they want to hire a private investigator to look further in to the case and provide them with the closure they need.
Stephen died on October 10 2009 while on holiday with his husband Andrew Cowles in Majorca of natural causes related to an undetected heart condition. He was found unresponsive on a sofa in the apartment the couple were staying in. Now his family are locked in a legal battle with Andrew over the late singer’s £1.5million estate.
Speaking in a new interview with The Sun On Sunday his younger brother Tony, 32, explained why they feel they need to know more about the circumstances surrounding Stephen’s death.



By Humphery Carter

Everybody is enjoying the prolonged summer and the Met. office has confirmed that this month is proving to be one of the warmest on record in Palma.

Palma.—Last  weekend saw thousands of people either heading to the fair in Inca or the beach and on Sunday, the highest temperature recorded in Majorca was at the airport where 7 reached 33.5ºC, breaking the previous record of 33.2 ºC  recorded ten years ago. Since the middle of last week, temperatures have steadily been climbing and, in the short term, the forecast is for the warm and dry weather to continue with only a few possible showers on Wednesday.

So, those holiday makers who have decided to come to Majorca for a late October break instead of the Canary Islands, have made the right choice.
The Canary Islands spent the weekend being battered by torrential rain, gale force winds and severe flooding with the clean up continuing yesterday.
The national Met. office is currently forecasting another week of fine weather with maximum temperatures in Majorca remaining between 23ºC and 26ºC.
And, October appears to be following the climate trend for this year.
September was also warmer and drier than usual.

Majorca set for bigger and better film festival


Palma is going to be hosting the 3rd Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival from 6 to 10 November.
This  year, a total of 43 films are going to be screened, double the number shown last year, and they will include 13 feature length productions and  30 shorts films from all over the world.
All of the films will be screened in their original  version. The festival will open at the Teatro Principal with the screening of Druid peak while the majority of the films will be screened at Cine Ciutat. Another novelty this year is the Evolutionary Island Award.

Anti bullfighting petition handed to Palma council


Palma.—Mallorca Sense Sang (Majorca without blood), with the support of local and international  animal rights groups, yesterday handed over a petition, signed by 60,000 Palma residents, calling for an end to bullfighting in the municipality.
Support for the movement has been steadily growing over recent years, especially amongst the younger generations who have no interest in the art of bullfighting and prefer more relevant past times.
What is more, Catalonia set a precedent when it banned bullfighting two  years ago.
Bullfighting was banned in  Catalonia by a vote of the Catalan Parliament in July 2010. The ban came into effect on 1 January 2012.
The last bullfight in the region took place in Barcelona in September 2011.

Presenter Dan Snow left “staggered” by Alaro Castle


By Humphrey Carter

TV presenter and historian Dan Snow has just spent a short break on the island and was overwhelmed by the “staggeringly strong” battlements of Alaro Castle.

Palma.—Snow, who has presented many history programmes for the BBC and other broadcasters and has a regular history slot on The One Show, tweeted about how impressed he was with the hike up to Alaro Castle, the fantastic views across the mountains and of course, the famous lamb at the restaurant below.
He also posted a number of pictures of his Majorcan break and, apart from the view from the castle, he tweeted one of  “dawn in the magical, isolated Tramontana village of Orient,” as he described it.
He also tweeted “there is an old expression in Majorca. ‘He who does not control the Castello d’Alaro, does not control Majorca.’ I’m heading up there,” and went on to admit that the approach to the castle is “nearly impenetrable”. He also hailed  Alaro Castle as “one of the most powerfully situated castles I have ever visited. Surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs.”

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