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Friday 28 November, 2014 Edition #4515

Editorial: Is Rajoy having a laugh...?

By Humphrey Carter

MARIANO Rajoy is either deluded or in denial, or both. Yesterday, he  appealed to Spaniards not to regard their politicians as corrupt, after a minister became the first government casualty in a series of cases of alleged graft.
“I can understand the irritation and distrust of our citizens but suspicion should not be levelled at everyone,” he told parliament. “Most politicians are decent people. Spain is not corrupt.”
He has already apologised for political corruption, especially deep within his ruling centre right Partido Popular, but it fell on deaf ears.
Now with the number of politicians being investigated for corruption in Spain nearing 2,000, the PM has decided to attempt a different approach. Ditch trying to be honest and just bluntly treat the population and the rest of the world as if they are stupid -  and blatantly lie.
Italy has its Mafia, but Spain does not need underground organised criminal organisations, it has political parties and politicians as their Godfathers -  perhaps if Rajoy arose from his dreamy slumber   with a horse’s head next to him in his bed, he may  wake up properly.
Statements like that could not only prove to be the end of him but his party with the likes of  Podemos gathering political momentum on a ticket to eradicate political corruption.
He will also probably lose out because after a comment like that, who can honestly take him seriously?

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Foreign tourist spend down in the Balearics

Tourists have spent less this year.

Palma.—Foreign tourists spent 10,164 million euros in the Balearics between January and October, data from the latest Tourism Expenditure Survey (Egatur) reveal.
This corresponds to a decrease of 2.9% over the first ten months of 2013.
 The spend in the Balearics was the third highest in Spain behind Catalonia (13,609 million) and the Canary Islands (10,209 million).
Taking October alone, spend in the Balearics was down by 8.6% to 831 million.
 Average expenditure was 871 euros (a fall of 11.8%), while the daily expenditure average fell by 12.3% to 104 euros.
For the whole of Spain, a new record for the January to October period was set, with foreign tourist spending up by 7% to 56,374 million euros.
The Egatur data show that average daily expenditure stayed steady at 109 euros, while the average expenditure for a whole stay was down a fraction (0.4%) to 967 euros.

London is the top destination for Balearic travellers


Palma.—What are the holidaying habits of people in the Balearics? Skyscanner, the website which compares hotel, flight and car hire prices, has conducted its own survey of trends among Balearic travellers and compared them with 2013.
The report shows that trips are on average of three-days duration, indicating that many holidays are breaks to destinations relatively near, such as in mainland Spain. It also finds that Balearic travellers book their flights on average 48 days in advance, which matches the seven weeks in advance considered optimal by a global study which compared when was the best time to make a flight reservation. As far as favourite destinations are concerned, the Skyscanner survey of flight bookings indicates that London is the preferred choice, followed by Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, with Manchester in fifth position.
The survey suggests that the cosmopolitan character of the Balearics and an interest in new destinations have led to a growth in travel to major European cities. London, with its magnificent monuments, Manchester, an important artistic centre, and Rome, the “eternal city”, thus feature in the top ten.

Four kilos of drugs seized from Nigerian gang in Palma


Palma.—The joint operation carried out by the National Police in Palma and Mostoles, on the mainland  to, dismantle a gang of Nigerian drug smugglers has resulted in the confiscation of over four kilos of assorted drugs, most of that seized in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood in the Majorcan capital.
According to the Nation al Police and the Customs Authority, half of the drugs seized were high quality cocaine and heroine.
In total, 14 members of the Nigerian gang have been arrested in Palma and three more in Mostoles.
All of the detainees, bar a Spanish women, are Nigerian and so far, all but two have refused to make a statement to the police.

Biggest Christmas navity crib in Majorca on display at El Corte Inglés Avenidas


Palma.—The opening ceremony of the  biggest Christmas navity crib in Majorca took place this week  at the El Corte Inglés  department store on the  Avenidas.
The 70 square metre navity scene, designed by Jose Luis Mayo includes almost 100 characters, a mountain area and a six metre long river.
The Christmas navity scene, representing the scene of the birth of Jesus,  will be on display at the store  until 6 January 2015.

Queen tells volunteers they lead by example in Palma


Queen Letizia of Spain yesterday told volunteers and voluntary organisations in Palma that “Spanish society needs their example.”

Palma.—Queen Letizia yesterday praised the work of voluntary organisations. Spanish society needs “your example”, she stressed at the opening of the seventeenth National Congress of Volunteering held at the University of the Balearic Islands’ School of Hospitality.
She thanked the congress for having invited her, noting that it has been held in many other Spanish locations but was now in Majorca and in Palma, a city that makes her “feel so good...I feel at home”, and further emphasised the work of the volunteer sector by observing that “every moment that you dedicate to others, you are building humanity”.
“Big changes start with something small, almost imperceptible.
“An evening with a group of immigrants  who need legal advice ... with an old woman for whom everyday life is a continuous climbing ...” added the Queen, who concluded her speech by thanking society  for  “volunteering.”
The Queen was presiding over an event attended by the President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauzá, who said that he appreciated the support given to it by the Royal Family.

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