Nationalism and no cars: the week in Majorca

Nationalism and no cars: the week in Majorca

All eyes were on Catalonia; Majorcan nationalism took to the beaches; there was an absence of condemnation for anti-tourism; rentals legislation was "terror"; and Palma had a curious day with no cars.


Eggs thrown at transfer coaches

Eggs thrown at transfer coaches

The windscreens of six coaches were hit by eggs between ten and eleven at night. The incidents occurred in the eastern part of the island.




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What's on in Majorca: 26 September-1 October

The fairs now start to come thick and fast. Alcudia's is always extremely popular, with a highlight being the dances and procession of the bigheads S'Estol Rei en Jaume; Llucmajor starts its series of four fairs with the first for Sant Miquel, which features the dances of the cavallet cotoners; Alaro's on Sunday will have the "somera" donkey and its dance. And Esporles has its fair, which is devoted to sweets and pastries. The Capella Mallorquina choir celebrates fifty years with a free concert at Palma Cathedral, and Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad performs at the Teatre Principal in Palma.